Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good News!

Alright, so here's the deal. Many of you may know this, but I'm officially announcing that I'm pregnant again. Here's another deal....I'm barely into my second trimester and can you say holy weight gain batman? My sister in law is wondering if I am having twins (does this sound familiar Jani?) Except for my weight is actually from the amount of food I'm consuming. The only thing that I can say that I'm really happy about is that I don't mind the weight gain. It's weird to me because I'vebeen a person who worries some about my size, but I really just don't care. Anyway, baby #3 is well on the way, but because it's #3, I still haven't seen a doctor or made an appointment for that matter because the longer I wait, the less time I will be pregnant in my mind (other than the feeling like I want to hurl the better part of the day). However, my last period was Sept 26th so if one of you would figure out my due date I would appreciate it! :) I really want a girl cause I love looking through Emma's old baby clothes, but everything is telling me it's a boy so I guess I'll find out in a month or so. Gotta make that darn doctors appointment! Congratulations to me!
PS I need to say that yesterday, my daughter was one of the few people in this world who have sat in a Frank Lloyd Wright chair. We were at the Huntington Gardens Museum and one of the art exhibits was his chair and she hopped up there and sat down. She had more than one adult telling her to get down quickly. Poor Emma, we have not cultured her enough in places like this and there were way too many times she was getting in trouble. I love that sweet girl!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Little about My Love!

Can I just say that I love my husband SO MUCH? I'm always so impressed with his incredible attitude about life. He spends more time with his kids than any father I know and takes any and every opportunity to race home to see his family and we just adore him. Ever since I met Jack one of the things that has impressed me most about him is his sincerity and integrity. I really believe that he is living his life HONESTLY in EVERYTHING he does. He is constantly evaluating himself and talking to me about things he can do better and his plan for him to get there. Especially since tomorrow is our five year anniversary and because of our situation here in Idaho, I wanted to write something about my husband because I appreciate him so much. Many of you know it was a LONG road for us to get married. We only dated a year before we got engaged, but that was ONE LONG YEAR!!! We fought to stay together and I'm so glad we did because marriage has been a cake walk compared to that!

I remember after we first got married and got pregnant so fast that I was working full time and was SO TIRED. And every night he would make dinner and let me go to bed as soon as it was over and I'm sure it was not fun (actually, I know it wasn't because he has the worst memories of that time), but it was because of him that I made it through those first few months. And it was so fun moving across the country with him and becoming a family. He's been wonderful to show me love and serve me and be a wonderful husband and dad to my kids. They so completely adore him.
Okay, so this part is written just a tad bit later...I wanted to share what Jack did for me. During Christmas we had planned out where we would spend our time for how long. Christmas Eve we were at his parents house and I got a call that my dad was in the ER and couldn't breathe and had congestive heart failure. As a daughter, I was a wreck and just wanted to be back there because I have hated being away and not being able to help much. However, Jack was so good and said what ever we had to do we would do. Originally, he was going to drive home alone with the kids and I would stay for a few days alone with my parents (or mom, at least, since dad would be in the hospital). But that idea just killedboth of us because we were excited to have a few days as a family before he got back to work. So we decided to go back to my parents house together and do all that we could get done together and then go home together. So after we did Christmas at his parents house, we packed up and drove back to Idaho. (I also want to put a little thank you in here to his mom and dad and sister. First of all, for being so understanding and letting us go without any question about where we should be and what about fairness of time and all that. They've always been so good about all of those things which has made it so happy to go home and we love to be in Wyoming with them because they are such wonderful people. Also, to Mom and Allisa a thank you because after Christmas morning we took three hours and pumped out 16 meals to take to my parents to freeze and have ready during all these times. Thank you! I love you all so much!) So we made it to Idaho to see my dad for a few hours before he left again for SLC to go back into the hospital which ended up being for 18 days. But Jack and I went to moms and deep cleaned and cleaned and I don't know if we did anything that made any huge actually probably hindered because we put things away where they probably didn't go...but I didn't know what I could do, but knew I could do that...and Jack was right there by my side. It was the best support I could have asked for from him and we still got to go home and be together as a family before he went to work. He's wonderful.
Another of my favorite things about him is he makes a big deal of things that I don't and need to be better at. For instance, birthdays, holidays, he doesn't forget and I'm not one who does make a big deal and I should. For Christmas, he once again surprised me (which makes 3 surprises he's pulled off since we've been married) and gotme a new bike and his brother's family got me a bike trailer and I'm LOVING it! As are my kids! He always gets me wonderful gifts and actually surprises me with them, unlike me who can't do surprises and have to tell as soon as I buy it!
I love you, Jack. You're my perfect match. Thanks for meing so wonderful!

A Few Updates!

First off, I had to change my template again. I just realized the letters were so dark I was straining my eyes to read my blog. Anyway, we have been here in Idaho since last Friday. We have had fun and Emma absolutely LOVES being with her cousins! My dad was in the hospital a few days last week and was released on Friday so we got to pick him up from the hospital on the way home and spend a few hours alone with him before joining the family. He is really weak. He waked up each moring and walks to the couch and lays down where he spends the whole day (except for pottying) until dinner which is the only meal he gets up to eat with the family. Yesterday morning he was in bed and asked me to come lay by him ad talk for a few minutes which turned up being much longer. But it was awesome. He wanted o know how I was doing emotionally and spiritually and went on to tell me very specific things he was proud of me for, which just got me teary. Then for over an hour I just asked questions and heard so many stories that I have never heard before about his childhood and mission and discussed feelings about many spiritual topics. It was such a good experience. He is so dang humble through this whole thing. He seems really at peace with everything that is going on. I don't know if I am giving he impression that my dad is dying. Truth be told. I don't know, but that is not what we or the doctors are expecting at this point. My mom and dad both said that he has improved and been much stronger even just since we have been here. It makes me wonder about the power of family and having the people around that you love. Could that really be playing a role? We sure feel like we must be draining my parents physically cause we have been staying up SO late every stinking night and doing tons of projects and it has been awesome. Ema spent the night at her cousins house last night and the story that I got was that any chance she got (including the prayer she said at their house) she asked if she could stay five more nights. Apparently Jack and I aren't too much fun. Jackson is one dang smart cookie, and I just am realizing it more and more. Nothing gets past that boy. He can hold a conversation now. He speaks some full sentences, although when I say a conversation, I mean that he knows evey single thing that I am saying and give AT LEAST a one word answer. Tonight we were eating dinner, which my dad didn't join because he was too tired, and I had taken him a plate of food to the couch. After about fifteen minutes my mom called out to ask if he was eating to which he replied no but he would get to it. Jackson got up walked straight over to him and said "eat it!" to which my dad said okay and got up and took a first bite and Jackson "okay" and walked away. Oh there are so many more stories I need to begin writing down because I'm so impressed with him. He and Emma love to dance together and both have the sountrack to HAIRSPRAY pretty much memorized. My mom got some videos tonight I'll have to try and post. Tomorrow is my five year anniversary! I'm excited! I got Jack a video ipod classic. I lost his ipod last April back in the day when I was exercising regularly. I left it at the YMCA. I was so bumbed cause it had some dang good songs! So I'm excited to give that to him. We are staying at the theme hotel where we spent our first night. It's got GREAT rooms and it's always been really surprising to me that POCATELLO has something like this! Anyway, if you want to see pictures, it is and I promise, it is so uch cooler in person, but you'll get the general idea. It's pretty fun and makes a hotel room a little more exciting! Anyway, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas is coming!

I feel like I haven't done a real blog in a while, and I make no guarantees that this will be worthy to be called a real post, also. We leave for Idaho a week from this very moment actually. I'm really excited because i love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of the year, even though it just doesn't seem like Christmas with 70 degree weather outside. I get to see my dad, which I understand is doing just terrible so I'm anxious to get up there and be a part of his treatment and help take care of him. Being 12 hours away and before when I was 25 hours away, I keep my feelings very surfacy because I can't do a thing wih my feelings so I would probably just sit around and cry a lot...which is what I do if I allow myself to think or really talk about it which only happens with Jack. He's been rushed to the hospital twice this week, but only stayed a day which maybe i should think that that is a blessing because they wouldn't release him if it was something life threatening. But in the last 8 months he has gone from a 57 year old man to at least a 95 year old. He can barely get out of bed and is falling down constantly (fortunately not breaking hips like if he were really that age) and he can't see or taste anything because of his graft vs host disease. It's really taking over. (For those of you lost right dad had bone marrow transplant less than a year ago for a rare type of cancer) Anyway, I'm excited to see him. I've been warned that it's not going to seemlike Christmas at my house either. They haven't even put up the tree yet. My mom is so tired from working and taking care of dad and dad can't get up so that's a little obvious. So I'll have my work cut out for me when I get there! We're trying to decide if we're going to go to Casper for a few days. I'm not sure where my vote lies. We've had fun with Luke and Kim whenever we're with them, but i'm not sure I want to subject the kids and myself to that many more hours in the car. I think Jack is all for it because he's supposed to get rights to the hospital there to help Luke in a surgery so of course that is swaying his vote a lot! Then we will head to Green River after that for a few days. Lots of traveling. Whoo-hoo! I gotta wonder what life will be like when we don't have to travel so long to get to family. It makes me very anxious to be done and settle down by some family. It's crazy that i've never experienced living near any family. I always imagined I would grow up and live in the same town as my parents because I had a good relationship growing up and that's what I wanted. That won't happen now, but it will be fun to at least live within a few hours driving distance! I really should be paying more attention to my kids this morning. Emma woke up and went straight to the TV without breakfast or reading a morning book or anything. I brought this on myself. I started the Twilight series like so many of you andeach one has taken me less than two days and i'm not a fast reader so that just means I ignored my kids for all that time. I started #3 last night so hopefully I can have better will power and only read when the kids get to bed...we'll see about that. I don't expect much! I'm suckered in like every other woman!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finally I can do my tag.


1. The guys I dated before marriage all had similar names...Jeff DaBell, Jeff Belnap, and John Bell. I ended with Jack Benjamin Hardy, which I thought was far enough off of my trend that I was safe.

2. I am not deathly afraid of all spiders...just a certain family. HOBOS or anything that looks similar to a hobo. I lived in the basement of a rental house and my room was attached to the unfunushed part of the house. These spiders started showing up like crazy (and if you do not know they are SO FAST, and I understood they could hop, although I've never seen it done, and they are poisonous). They were under my bed, IN my bedding, when I would put clothes on, I would sometimes have one crawl over my shoulder. And I had sticky spider traps in every corner and each one had at LEAST 20 on them. It gives me chills to talk about it. My landlord sent in an exterminator and told me I was sae to clean up after a day. Jack came and helped me. He swept up two different piles that literally had hundreds in them and I continued to find dead ones in storage stuff I had in that room for months afterwards. It was awful.

3. I was anorexic in high school. I don't have many pictures of that time, but the ones I do have, I look sick. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

4. I am the kind of woman, who when I am sick and need to throw up, I would rather get it over with and puke then hold it in out of fear of throwing up. Even i I only have a few minutes of relief.

5. I have five scars on my feet from foot surgeries. I had bone spurs from playing soccer for 10 years. Not a big surgery, but I made it awful because a week after my surgery I began dancing for a couple hours a day to prepare for a tour I was going on with a highschool group (Trouveres). My incisions remained open for three months and were awful infected so that when I actually went on the tour, I was almost unable to perform except I was given painkillers from a doctor so that I could perform. I was also given a horsepill antibiotic at the time which ended up beginning my chronic yeast infection issue.

6. My chronic yeast infection issue. I'm sure you all want to know about this. After that tour, I was out of school for a month and it was the most miserable, painful month ever. I would sit in my room, not even able to wear underwear, and just crawl all over my bed in pain. The doctor called my mom an hour after my first appointment and told her in his 20+ years of practice he had never seen anything like what I had and I was in a lot of pain. Well, yes, I was. And that started my chronic yeast infections. Congratulations to me!

I will tag Natalie, Lisha, Julie Nield, Brinn, Christianne, and my brother, Luke. Sorry you had to read this, Luke.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Solemn Day

We have a pool. We have a high gate around the pool and lock it most o the time. However, this weekend we are painting our kitchen and everything has gone to pot. My house is a mess. Jack took the cupboard fronts and drawers outside to paint and had the kids with him. I got out of the shower and went into the back bedroom to watch my family for just a minute through a glass door that we keep completely locked up because it has direct access to the pool. Anyway, I was watching Jack paint and Emma talk to her dad and Jackson throwing leaves into the pool. And, of course, the moment we have been waiting for since we moved in happened. Jackson lost his balance and went face first into the pool. I had a bowl of cereal in my hand and apparently I completely threw it (I had forgotten all about it until I went back in the room later and saw it all over the place) and I started banging on the windows and screaming at the top of my lungs to Jack, who hadn't heard or seen him fall in. He was literally ten feet away and instantly went to our helpless son who was head first in the water, not even trying to fight or move. I'm sure he had not a clue what to do. It was the most terrifyng five seconds I've ever experienced. It was awful for me to have no control to run out a grab him, even though Jack was right there. Boy, I am glad Jack was so fast to grab him. So I went running out to grab him with a towel and he just wanted to hug for a while. He was so sweet. With all the commotion and attention at Jackson, I didn't realize Emma was in her room just bawling. So I went back there and she kept telling me she wanted Jackson to be safe and we needed to lock all the doors and not let him outside or her would fall in the pool. She was pretty shook up. So we knelt and both of us said a prayer of thanks. She was so sweet in her prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for keeping him safe and then went on to tell Him all of the things that she loved about her little bother the most. I, of course, lost it somewhere in there after playing the scenario through my head over and over, realizing what could have happened. That was a warning for us to do better with this pool. The kids are never out there without us, but apparently even with us we need to be paying 100% attention. It reminds me that I need to get my kids into that program that was on Karianne's website a while back. The mood the rest of the day totally changed. I haven't really wanted to paint anymore. I just want to sit and hug my kids.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pay it Forward!

A friend of mine is doing this and I thought that it sounded like fun.

I will send a handmade gift to the first three (3) people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. You may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. (So, you must have a blog to participate.) I can't wait to see who I will be giving to. To join, just cut and paste this on your blog and comment away. So get posting!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Friday Night Fun!

Today Jackson decided to walk straight off the couch. After the first time, he thought it didn't hurt too bad so he would do it again and again and again. By the time I got the camera out, the novelty wore off, but there's a good one in there!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank You! Happy Halloween!

So tonight was so fun. Emma's school put on a carnival and it was fabulous! They had a great dinner and then tons of activities and games. Emma's favorite was the blow up toy that you could jumpin and go down the slide on the other side. Emma had so much fun finally wearing her bride dress that has been long awaited (although I let her wear it a few times before). Jackson was the same bumblebee that Emma was when she was his age...and so the hand me downs begin. I have a hard time putting together these great outfits when he doesn't really care and thought he was so great in this outfit anyway. They were both so cute. When we finished at the carnival I took Emma around the block and she got to practice the appropriate "trick or treat." She was so shy at first then caught on and thought it was so fabulous. Between everyone house she would say "this is so much fun!" Then when we got to the last house she said "Mom, will you say trick or treat and get the candy for me cause I'm so tired." I thought that was great. And it was fun to spread the candy out in the end and see what was going to be thrown away in a couple of days when we're so sick of candy we want to puke! Hope everyone had as fun a day as we did!

The beginning of the night.
Racing to that oh-so-fabulous blow up toy.

Had to take a bridal picture.

My cute little bumblebee.

Isn't he so cute?

So pretty!

Reaping her rewards.

Beginning of the night.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The past month....very random.

Emma and Emma at Disneyland. It was so fun seeing those two play together. Emma was so excited to see a familiar face. We haven't really made any best friends for her yet.

Picture day at school

My little man. He's so sweet!

It's pretty normal for him to stick whatever is within a ten foot radius directly into his mouth. A few days ago, he learned his lesson with the aerosol hairspray when he chomped down on the nozzle.

(I love to dress her up for school and take pictures when I think she is so cute!)

I cannot believe the month of october is already pretty much gone. The first few months I was here and reading everyone else's blogs talking about how busy they were and how they justdidn't have time to blog and I've finally joined the ranks of run around like a chicken with my head cut off group of women. The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. So the first of the month wasn't that bad except for I was preparing to do the gospel abc books for our super saturday. It was miserable cutting out 26 letters seperately for 15 people...all in the naming of saving a few pennies. And of course, Michaels made it really easy for me to get all of the stuff I needed by never having it and telling me to check back for 6 weeks on Friday shipments and then telling me the Friday before they don't carry that necessary item anymore. Really sweet. And it is hard collecting money from all the people who sign up and hoping that you don't get taken in the end because you charged to little in the beginning. There's got to be a better way, I tell ya! But they still turned out so cute! And I did a dang good job of getting cute stuff and getting it all together! Then it just seems like there is meeting after meeting nowadays for me. It is nice to get out of the house a night or two and get charged up from having a break, but I haven't had a break from meetings lately. I was honestly gone every night last week (although one of those nights was a hot date night...had persian food which I had never had before and it was soooooo goood!!!) I actually stayed up late last night talking with our YW President in her car about it and she was so fabulous! She was so understanding and kept telling me that she wants me to be honest and that the presidency has an understanding that you say "I can't be there tonight" and there are no questions asked. She is such a fabulous woman. I'm way excited to get to know her. I had my first MODBE party here last Friday, too. It went very well, which I was so grateful for. Everyone was excited about it and looked so cute in everything they put on so it was fun to watch that happen. Modbe has been really fun for me, but kind of hurts the pocketbook...I spend way more than I make. This Saturday is the temple commemoration so I get to go to the temple for the first time since I've been here. I'm very excited about that! I'm being nudged that it's time for bed so I'll blab some more a little later....just wanted to update this at least a little.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Zuppa Toscana

So this is a new recipe from my aunt that I tried out today. It was SOOOO Fabulous! At least enough to share. No really, it was! I have no idea if this is the name of it, but my aunt called it the Olive Garden soup, so I looked it up and this was the closest one. So if any of you want a great meal (that was easy and fast, too), here ya go!

1/2 lbs italian sausage (spicy)
1/2 lbs regular mild sausage
3/4 c onion, chopped (or more)
6 slices bacon (or handful from a precooked bag...helps with that "fast" part)
1 1/4 tsp garlic (or more if you know my cooking)
4 c water
1 quart chicken broth
6 potatoes diced
6 c shredded kale
2/3 c heavy whipping cream
1/4 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
1 Tbl Parsley
1 tsp salt
At same time...start boiling potatoes in water, seasonings, and broth and
begin cooking sausage and throw in onion towards the end...when onions cooked...throw in garlic and bacon. When potatoes are done, add cream, kale, and meat mixture and simmer until the kale is limp and you're done! Ohhhhh! This is so good! Jani, I know you would love it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sea World, Movie Stars, and The Beach

I have never been to the San Diego temple. It was so absolutely beautiful. We couldn't go onto the grounds because they were closed for some reason, but were able to get a picture from behind.
The Clydesdale for the beer company that I can never remember. Poor horse has to stand there all day and let people pet him. He was getting pretty frustrated by the time we got to him.

The tunnel with the sharks. It's pretty awesome being up so close!

So we spent last weekend in San Diego taking the kids to Sea World for the first time. I haven't been there since I was a kid and I must say I was in awe all day long. I enjoyed that place SO MUCH!!! It is absolutely incredible watching those trainers work with Shamu and the dolphins. I loved all the shows. I worried that the kids would be a little bored because it was just show after show. Emma loved it and wasn't bored at all! She was apprehensive to sit in the soak zone, at first, but then decided it was cool getting wet in spite of the fact that we were chilly for a few minutes after until we dried. At one point before watching the dolphin show, she got the attention of the audience by falling down some stairs. She was pretty embarrassed and tried not to cry. I felt so bad for her cause she was trying to be brave. She finally buried her head into me and lost it. The guy with the mic turned to us and asked if she was okay. Fortunately the show started and some other chick biffed it as part of the show and we enjoyed the dolphins who can jump so high! The next morning we went to a swap meet. I've alway a enjoyed a good swap meet, but this was not one of those. The only funny part was at some point this woman walked up to me and introduced herself as some talent scout. She said she had been watching Emma and wanted to invite her to an audition the next morning for extras on Hannah Montana and gave me directions and all that. I, of course, was totally flattered and totally agreed that Emma is absolutely beautiful, but we choose not to ruin our daughter's life by throwing her into television! I was thinking about the girls night out we had at the Homemade pie and Ice Cream shop over Jani's birthday and our closest link to stardom. Well, mine at the time was that I dated Taj Melson from the Utah Grizzly hockey team, which, I admit, isn't too close to stardom...especially compared to Rachel. But this is my new closest. We then spent the day on the beach where Jack learned how to skim board and biffed it by hitting a rock and going down. His leg and knee have been swollen and sore ever since! Poor little guy! It wasn't incredibly warm, but I got to see some of my family there at a reunion and that is always fun! Oh! I also forgot to tell...on November 3rd we are celebrating Los Angeles Temple being 50 years old. So there's going to be a Solemn Assembly in their 60,000 sq ft room and i'm in the choir that is going to sing! I can't wait to sing in the temple! What an awesome opportunity! So that has been my good news of the week!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Am Emma!

I found this random quiz on someone's blog and since I would love to be buried next to Jane Austin (Jack can be on the other side), I thought it appropriate to see which of her characters I am most like!

:: E M M A ::
You are Emma Woodhouse of Emma! You like being the queen of your social circle (small and provincial as it may be), and feel it's your duty to help those less influential than you. You often meddle in the affairs of others, though you do it with a pure heart. You are often deluded in your flights of fancy, but your good intentions and creative spirit make you someone anyone could like.

What do you think? Does it fit me?

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Last 10 Days

Disneyland, actually this one is at California adventure. This was Emma seeing what Disney Character she was most like by taking a personality questionnaire. First time it was Dot fom A Bugs' Life and second time she was Mulan.

Waiting with Uncle Brandt for the parade to start. The family next to us was from Utah and the girls had a nice princess standoff.

This isn't one of my more proud moments in pictures of my self, I just thought it was funny that I had no clue he was picking his nose!

This is Emma's Halloween costume. I've never let her do the princess thing for Halloween so we got this wedding dress complete with veil. It's actually quite beautiful! She's pretty pumped to get married in a few weeks. The swing thing behind her was her birthday present and one of the better purchases I've made. That thing is so fun to play in! I got it from IKEA for $30.

This was in my aunt's backyard in St George. They've got a fun set up back there. Emma was so mad coming out of this slide, though. She swore she would never do it again!

Uncle Brandt's new sunglasses. She looks studly!

Once again taste-testing lemons!

I have gotten these CUTE pictures of Jackson lately and thought everyone should be privileged to see them. This boy is HILARIOUS! He just makes me smile to look at him. And he's such a kissy little thing! This is a wig, for those of you wondering if he had implants. We were in my aunts basement and found this and I had to get pictures.

I love new callings!

I got a new calling in church yesterday and I'm pretty dang excited about it. I am a young women advisor. I've never worked in young woman, but always thought going to camp again would be a blast. I don't know if I mentioned I got called to the stake primary board last month. So I'm so glad to be getting more busy with these callings. Isn't it weird how the more busy you are the better you manage your time and accomplish more? I'm VERY excited to get to work in primary and young women! I so need and want to serve and I think it will provide so many opportunities for me to grow which I tend to not be very good at on my own! I'm so impressed with the quality of people here in California. I thought it would be like New York because of the number of people, but it's NOTHING like it. I don't like New York. But people are wonderful here and they wave when you drive down the street and let you in quickly when you signal. I love that! Does anyone elseget way excited for new callings?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okay, so one more post today...

For those of you who know the story behind our van, this story will be another impressive obstacle story to add to the bumper of that car. So we all know Claifornia is pretty expensive in a lot of areas. State tax being one of them. I looked into getting our cars registered and found out that getting JUST the van done would be just over $2,200 (not including the $120 penalty fee for not registering it within 20 days). That's a chunk of change! So I've been a little worried about it. Jack was online one night that he was on call doing some research and found a law that says if you transfer a car between family members it is considered a "gift" and they will not charge sales tax on the vehicle. Fortunately, the car was only titled with Jack's name. So, we called to make sure this would work and they said it surely would. So we went down to get my new CA driver's license and registered our van for $122 That's it. I have had a smile on my face ever since. I'm $2000 richer as far as i'm concerned~ Whoo-hoo! They didn't even charge us the penalty, which I was also grateful for. Tomorrow we get the accord done so we'll see how that one goes! Just one of those "tender mercies." My friend, Monica calls it a tithing blessing, which I also thought was good. Makes me think we should take that saved money and put it directly towards being prepared. I've been thinking how the church is done counseling on that after 75 years and thinking it's time. Mom's getting me a Whisper Mill for Christmas so I'm pretty excited about that!

We got our Disneyland passes!

Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Last week was mine and Emma's birthdays. Jack had call on them both, but since he is on anesthesia rotation they give him the option of going home the morning after taking call. So he surprised me the day after my birthday in the morning with roses and said let's go to Disneyland!

We had so much fun together! I was actually so surprised at how well both kids did and they just wanted to keep going. Our favorite rides were most definitely the Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo ride because Emma just laughed her head off the whole time.

She was brave, though, and went on a couple adult rides. Jack too her on Matterhorn and she didn't like going to the top in the dark with the evil eyes staring at her. She also went on Splash Mountain with me.

I was so grateful Disney was smart enough to think of the swapping pass for parents. Emma and Jackson both loved the Tigger and Pooh ride while Jack got to love Splash Mountain. During that time, I was also able to talk Emma into going on that ride with me!

Snow White was the only princess out that Emma would hug and talk to. She has never seen Pocahontas and wouldn't talk to her and she was also shy with Jasmine. Those were the princesses out at the time. I was wishing we could run into Mandy's sister, but I couldn't remember if that was the one that got married and then thought she was probably in Utah at school anyhow. (But Mandy, next time you guys come down we would so love to go to Disneyland and see you guys again!)

We stayed there eight hours and I thought the kids would zonk on the way home, but they were so excited, they talked the whole way home. This will be so fun!

taste-testing lemons!

We got these huge lemons from my freind, Monica. Once I saw the face Jackson made, I had to get us on tape with the deal that I would do it if they would. It makes me smile!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Emma!

(This is more of a journal entry. Might be kinda boring for the average reader)

Today was Emma's 4th birthday. WoW! I have a four year old. She was so funny opening her presents. No matter what it was as soon as she opened it she would say "Ohhh, CUTE!!!" I wish I could just record how she said it cause it was the same it was clothing, which she didn't get. There were even two boxes that you couldn't tell what they were except this tiny picture in the corner, but she still said it was so cute. So this is my tribute to my beautiful daughter, EmmaLee.

Emma started out her fourth year as quite a shy little thing. She began preschool in KY at a lutheran school and was the baby of her class. She couldn't speak as well as the rest (she has always had a bit of a speech impediment) and her teacher often commented that she was really easy going, but didn't really play with the other kids because they couldn't understand her. As a parent, I was so heart broken. We all want our kids to be happy and never get their feelings hurt and other kids be mean to them and don't want them to feel left out. Jack and I spent a lot of time praying and crying and worrying, but at a parent-teacher conference Mrs. Simmons told us something that put things in a new perspective and wefelt a lot better. She said that other kids want or need something and they ask for it. Because Emma had a hard time communicating in words, she has had to use her brain more to find a way to communicate which in the long run would really benefit her. What a good way to look at it! So the last half of the year we watched Emma grow up. Her confidence boosted, she became a lot more social, and her speech improved LEAPS and bounds. She does so great now talking and has really come out of her shell and introduces herself to any other child she has the chance to to see if they can be friends (even if it is just at the mall while the moms are looking at clothes).

Emma is auch an example to her mom. She has always had a bit of a temper, as we all do, and has only known to express it by letting out this awful sounding scream to let out the frustration. She never hits and usually goes to her room to scream like this, but it can be heard from outside, it is so bad. So this is where the example part comes in. I can honestly say that I can visibly see her everyday trying so hard to control her temper. She will start to get frustrated and start to take deep breaths and keeps repeating "mommy, I'm calm" or "mommy, I'm happy." That's hard for a grown up to do and she's only four. What a strong spirit. I know reading this probably doesn't give this incredible feeling of love, but I'm just so appreciative of her that I'm in tears as I type this. She's is constantly working on being better, and I only know this because whenever i talk to her about behaving a certain way and giving suggestions on how to do so...the very next day she is practicing those suggestions. I constantly find her in her room with a bible or book of mormon (the church kid version) and she will simply ask me to come sit down by her and read to her about Jesus. And she knows the first five Articles of Faith by heart. I have an awesome daughter.

We had a party for her at school and her teacher made her a crown that she got to wear all day as her special day. Her class colored cards for her and I brought in cupcakes and stayed for the celebration. I'm so glad I made the decision to keep her in the younger class. She is so comfortable in there and I could tell the kids in her class were so sweet. She has some cute little girlfriends in there, too, so it's fun for me to watch Emma interact and be so excited to see her friends. We have really missed her friends (Sarah, Brooklyn, Bryson) (more too, but these were the main) (don't want anyone to think we didn't like 'em!).

All in all, I know the Lord blessed me with a strong, sweet, little woman to be a leader for the rest of our children to follow.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Emma's first day of school

So this is my little Emma on her first day of school. I could have made her first day a little less traumatic, but where would the character building opportunity be if I did that? Let me explain. I initially signed Emma up for three days a week. Then after thinking about it thought I wanted a little more freedom for the three of us (my kids and I) this first year and Emma and I could still do school at home, too, if we were really ambitious. So I brought her back to two days. So we had an open house last week to meet her teacher and the kids in the class and all that. Afterward, I went home thinking that Emma was so much more mature than the rest of the kids in her class and she was the only one not crying and sharing toys and all that and I thought i didn't want her to repeat what she did last year or she would be bored. So the first day of school I took her into class andshe was so excited. She walked in and started talking to her teacher and the kids andplayiing and was this social little thing (which is a big deal because Emma has always been very quiet). I should have been happy about it, but instead was still stuck on her being so much more mature and i wanted her to grow by watching other kids, too, and all these thoughts going through my mind. So I go straight to the principle and ask if we can put her in the older class. No problem. Off I go and grab Emma and introduce her to her new teacher. She was fine, but not excited like before. I left and cried all the way home wondering if I had made the wrong decision. Called the principal when i got home and just asked her to keep an eye on her and give an opinion in the end. So when i picked her up the principal was so nice, even though I'm sure she thought I was nuts. She said either one would be one, Emma would be the the other...the youngest. I played that game last year. I want Emma to learn to be a leader. By situation I thought the oldest would be the best way to go. So yesterday I swapped her back. She was happy to go back and her teacher is wonderful so I am excited for her now. She's happy and I finally feel right about my decision. And she is so happy to be back! We love Miss Cheryl.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This is for JON FAIRBANKS!

(Sorry this is such a small picture!)

Today was such a great day I had to share really quickly. You know when you get away from your kids/husband for even an hour and some "me" time you just feel like a new woman? That was me today. I was asked to sing in a ward in Pasadena. I left my ward early and went up there thinking I would sing and slip out the back door and go home as soon as I was done. Well, first of all I got there (and this part is for Jon and Mandy) and Kip from Napolean Dynamite was in this ward so I got to talk to him. It so made me think of the Fairbanks and the Napolean crave we went through wanting to watch it constantly and learn the dance and all that. He looks absolutely NOTHING like the dork on the movie. I should have assumed that, I guess. Other than that, the speakers were Richard and Claudia Buschman. They are both authors of church of them being the biography of Joseph Smith. Their talks were so awesome! It was incredible to sit through an entire Sacrament meeting and listen and feel the Spirit. I haven't done that for way too long. So I walked away feeling so refreshed and ready to come home and be a mom again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This was this morning!

Notice the third eye on this kid. That was from yesterday. I really don't abuse my kid. He abuses himself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Counting My Blessings

Today is one of those just happy days. No reason in particular. The kids and I didn't even leave the house. LA has been almost unbearably hot the last few days so we have spent a lot of time in our pool and we watched Little Rascals together and painted and made a cool train track. It was just one of those really focus on the kids days and those are always so good for me cause i just have awesome kids.

Emma is so growing up. She has a couple preschool computer discs that she absolutely loves playing dot to dot and it gives her age appropriate problems to solve like "which picture doesn't belong with the rest" and painting and stuff and I just love to watch her learn. She gets so excited now about reading and has this specific book we're working out of to learn words and she's so excited that I'm so excited. I decided today to put her in preschool again only twice a week. I'm just not ready to give her up yet and then next we'll move it up to three days a week. I think she'll do three years of preschool before hitting kindergarten. I don't think that's very normal, but I want her to be the oldest in her class instead of the youngest. Emma is probably the most sincere person I've ever met. Not to say that she doesn't throw fits because she can compete with the best out there, but when she is acting herself on a normal day she just wants to help everyone else and make sure that they are happy too. For example, she was over at her friend, Dillan's, house the other day and came home to tell me he had no dress up clothes. I told her he probably liked playing with the toys he had, but she contended that he was so sad and said she would give him hers. So she came out with some of her favorite dressup clothes (princess, of course) and said she would give him hers. I told her if she gave them to him she would not get them back to play with herself and suggested that she choose something that wasn't so often used and she kept saying "it's all right." If only I were that willing to give of my "things." Then tonight we were plaing scripture bingo and by dead chance she beat Jack by one and felt bad so she gave him her winning piece and said he could have it. She just rocks.

Jackson, on the other hand, is boy through and through. I love that kid. He is a handful, though. He is constantly climbing anything around...we wish we still had our climbing wall...and is so either brave or stupid that he does crazy things and only gets hurt part of the time. Thismorning he took a face dive on the cement when we were in the pool and has a good sized egg in between is eyes and two minutes later had blood gushing out of his big toe cause he somehow sliced it open and I had to put pressure on to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, as of Saturday, September 1st, we have incredible insurance so he can do whatever he wants now. Whew! And tonight when Jack got home, we got back in the pool and let him run around naked while we swam and of course after just bragging to a friend that we've never really had any big poopie incidences, he came over covered in what he had just dropped and rolled in and it was disgusting. Serves us right, I suppose.

I love my family! We had such a fun three day weekend. Jack didn't have call and we all went to see HAIRSPRAY (my third time) and I just love it! We went to the beach for several hours yesterday and that was the best time we have had yet. Emma is slow to warm up to people and it has not been different with the beach. But she did yesterday! It was awesome! I wish I would have taken my camera cause we LOVED it! Anyway, her birthday is coming up soon so I'll have to right a little diddy on her, as if this wasn't enough!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

It was a good weekend!

Today has been a good day. Actually it has been a fantastic weekend. Jack had call Thursday so he didn't get home until late Friday and was late for our dinner with the missionaries. I was grateful to have the missionaries over for dinner. Not only are they fantastic missionaries, but one of them we had a lot in common with so that was fun (and he told Jack he was a good lookin' guy so I thought that was pretty funny). When they left we got to hang out after the kids went to bed and it's just nice to sit and actually have a conversation with him. That doesn't happen anymore. Then yesterday we took the whole family to see "Hairspray." It was my third time seeing it. I love it! I had to go out and get the soundtrack and everything. I haven't purchased new music since I was in college. Emma had gone with me the second time we saw it and since then we were both singing "good morning Baltimore" but neither of us knew the words. Now i'm already sick of it because she can't stop singing/listening to it. Jackson actually goes around singing the "oh, oh, oh," part in the beginning so apparently we've gotten him hooked, too. We wanted Jack to see it. It was really full of energy and I loved the singing and dancing. I honestly want to get up and dance while I'm watching it.

Jack got put in as Executive Secretary in our ward today. It seems that is his life calling. Our last two wards he has had that. Actually, i think he was ward clerk in the last. I don't remember. I just know he always has those Sunday meetings. The Bishop scared me, too. I've been the substitute chorister and did NOT want it to be permanent. I was snatched up to the Stake Primary Board as the music specialist and thought I was safe, but Bishop hinted to me last week he was going to extend a new calling and through a long story I won't share he said I was going to be permanent. So I spent a lot of time this week thinking about it cause he asked me to find out if I could handle this second calling. Well, to be honest, Jack is only in church MAYBE twice a month this year, and I'm going to be gone visiting other wards for at least two months out of the year, and I'm thinking, what in the world are my poor kids going to feel with me always leaving them alone on the pew? I was worried and went to the Bishop today and he more or less told me he was kidding about that calling and was thinking to put me somewhere else. Does anyone else get excited to get a new calling? Kind of weird that I do cause I'm terrible at magnifying them, I just get excited to know where I'm going to be put next.

It is killer hot in LA right now and our home only has AC units. Well, it is so hot I think it is bogging them down so they are blowing out warm air, which is nice because I like to pay for warm air, and I started to cook dinner (spare ribs, fresh pineapple, and red potatoes and carrots...sounded good to me) and put some stuff in the oven and and hour later pulled out the potatoes to check on them and I could touch the warm bowl and it didn't burn me. So our oven went out today, too. It was pretty awesome! I figure this is a good excuse to not have to cook meals. We're going tothe beach tomorrow morning. We've only gone a couple times since we've been here. I love being there early in the morning. It's so peaceful.

Jack gets Labor Day off since he works for the county and has call on Friday this week. That's the best day to have call cause he gets home Saturday morning so I only miss him one night. But then he has call on my birthday and then again on Emma's birthday. Crappy luck, heh! But I'm just grateful for this three day weekend.

My little brother got sent home from his mission on Friday. His mission was delayed a year because he screwed up his back. Well, he was in Houston, TX and playing basketball with the other elders and one of them came down on top of him and he couldn't move. Turns out he has a herniated disc in his midback and two bulging discs inhis lower. Ouch! I feel sorry for him, but I'm way excited to see him.

Emma starts school a week from tomorrow. I'm not that thrilled, to be honest. I am really going to miss her, but it will be good to have one one one time with Jackson. I know he's going to love it, although he will probably want to go to preschool, too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is a loser, anyway?

So truth be told, I started blogging what a month ago? I am so pathetic because I'm constantly getting onmy computer checking to see if anone has commented on my site, and then, of course, have to look at everyone else's and guess what? Not much has changedon them. They're the same as the last time I looked! So, apparently I have way too much time on my hands! (My husband is never home and the TV sure gets boring...except House and Greys Anatomy...I really like those!) See ya later!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ebay Woman

Girls, you have got to read this story! It's totally awesome, but might take a few minutes!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wedding and Reception

1. Where did you meet your husband?

My second year at Utah State two wards were being split and some members taken to make a new ward. We got put together in the new ward. My first Sunday there, which was totally a meat fest for everyone, I was checking out his roommate and he was checking out my cause he thought I was a hottie. I think you'll find I was a jerk in the beginning of this whole thing, but he totally won me in the end and I came back begging. I played the piano that first Sunday and he thought that was great because he has always loved music.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?

Absolutely no idea...probably along the lines of "Hi, my name is Jami." At the time I was actually dating someone in Pocatello and had a crush on 3-4 other people in Logan. I never considered myself a player other than these couple of months out of my life. Jack asked me out SEVERAL times and I continually made up excuses that I was so busy then one day he simply said "when can you go out?" And I had to come up with something. So I told him (this was awful) I had 45 minutes between a class we could go to lunch together on a Tuesday afternoon.

3.Where was your first date?

We went to some pizza joint and he made me laugh so hard and I had so much fun with him. He will actually tell the story that I came up behind him and pushed his knee out from behind him and it hit the counter he was at really hard. I didn't know it hurt him. But he told me he had to go to the bathroom and I later found out that it hurt so bad he went into the ladies room (men's was taken) just to wait it out and probably rub it a little bit. I swear I was innocent.

4. Where was your first kiss?

At his house on a couch. Things literally started going so fast once I saw he was so awesome! After dating about a week and a half, we went to Provo to see my sister and her family then went to a Jazz game where I met his dad and sister. We had so much fun and later that night he was reading scriptures out loud to me and i couldn't hear a thing he was saying cause I was just looking at his lips...I already mentioned that stupid rule I I think I told him I couldn't concentrate cause I just wanted to kiss him and asked if he would and it was awesome! He's always been a dang good kisser. He's got great lips!

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?

Soon after that (a week or two) we decided to get married, set a date (Jan 16, 2002), went ring shopping, announced to both sides of the family, then a few days later we had this blow up issue I won't share (there was no immorality though for you curious minds out there) and we said nevermind about getting married and thought we ought to do what we could to stay together for now. So we dated until he proposed on Oct 21, 2002 and then married in the Logan, Utah LDS Temple on December 19, 2002. All together 14 months from our first date. We fought hard to stay together. Our year of dating was the hardest year of my life. Usually I think the first year of marriage is hard, but we were so happy once we both felt committed and ready and marriage has been bliss since then!

6. Where did you get engaged?

He took me during the week of midterms up the canyon saying he just thought we needed to get away from the studying and stress and be together for a picnic. When we got to the predetermined spot he told me to go stand by some rock and wait for him cause he had to pee (the romance just flows out of him) (actually, Jack is very romantic...there were just complications) so I went over to the rock and turned around just in time to see him just bookin it up this mountain where we were going on this walk so I totally knew something was up. When he came back I could tell he was trying not to breathe hard, and we started our walk. No clue what we talked about, but we rounded a bend and there was 25 long stem roses on a rock with this nasty ribbon tied around it and a ring hanging from it. He untied the bow and asked if I recognized it. Only then did I realize it was his favorite shirt that I had never liked. He told me he cut it up and wanted me to know he would give up anything for me. He got nervous and hugged me for a second then got down on his knee and amongst many other spoken things asked me to marry him. I love my ring.

7. Where were you married?

Answered that one already. We wet everything up so perfect for us! I was the only bride getting married that day. Getting ready for the temple was fun. As I was getting my hair done I had a delivery of flowers with a note telling me he loved me and was excited to be married that day! So sweet! We had taken temple pictures the week before so when we were done we could go with everyone else to the luncheon, which was so fun because we got to talk with everyone. At some point we decided our luncheon would be of things that we did together. So we ordered Beto's breakfast burritos, pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls, fruit, and juice, and then we and our parents got behind the table we were sending everyone through so we could talk to everyone as we dished them up and it was a blast. Then I say my mom the song "SHE" and cried, and then Jack sang to me "Annie's song" by John Denver, and I cried again. We chose to have our reception the next night so on to hotel we went! It was fabulous!

8. How did the reception go?

So great! We had it in a church gym which is hard to do considering what you're dealing with. But everyone did such a good job! My best friend, Lyndsay, who lived in Nebraska flew out and also told me she was sorry for me that I had it in a gym, but when she walked in said she was so impressed! So apparently it was awesome. I sang a song to Jack called "I Dreamed of You" by Barbara Streissand and danced with my dad cried with so many friends and family. Lyndsay listened to the CD for the song and was able to just come up with the accompaniment for me. She's always been incredible! It meant so much to me that so many friends and family came! It was so laid back and fun!

9. How was the honeymoon?

I was tired!!! I thought is was just from finishing a semester at school and the wedding, but we found out just under a month later I was pregnant already. I pretty much slept through our honeymoon. The best part of it though was Carmel and Monterey, CA. We spent some nights there in this cottage hotel and had so much fun walking the beach and watching the sunset. I loved it!

Am I done yet? I think I'll tag Mandy and Natalie.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yeah for Andersons!

Hey everyone! Check out Gina's site! She's got a new little one! Congratulations you two!

Proud of you, Baby!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Juicy Tidbits about Jami Hardy (But I'm Kind Of An Open Book)

1. I think I love surprises, but it is VERY HARD to surprise me. Jack has tried for the whole six years we've known each other and accomplished it only once. It was when he surprised me on Valentine's Day with a cruise. Truth be told, I doubt he would have accomplished it without Jani and her caniving womanly thinking.

2. I am horribly uncomfortable in crowds. So to make it worse...the way I deal with it is to make really stupid comments that make some laugh and others look at me like an idiot and that, unfortunately makes me feel worse!

3. I so believe in crazy voo-doo things like moving energy and healing through essential oils and stuff. Our last year and a half in Louisville I spent every other Wednesday night learning qui gong, one of many Asian forms of moving energy. I also have books on essential oils and use them on my family all the time. Jack is such a believer now!

4. I LOVE indian food. Going to the indian buffets at Kashmir and Shalimar in Louisville were one of my favorite date restaurants!

5. After childbirth, I lose baby weight quickly because of nursing...I also gain it back because of nursing (I think I can eat and eat and eat because I'm nursing).

6. I've had two C-Sections...the first by bad luck, the second because the doc on call did not have insurance to cover VBAC's. Both times I went through labor and was dialated to a seven. Both times my kids were in the birth canal and they had to pull them out.

7. Last but not least...I, for some strange reason, thought I should always wait three months when dating someone to kiss them. I told Jack my "rule" when we began dating and he said okay (what else was he supposed to say?), but after a little over a week I was screaming inside to kiss him and asked him to lay one on me!

I want to tag Gina, but I'm assuming it will be a while before she gets to blogging with baby and all (actually, I don't know if she has had her so if someone knows something, please share). So, instead I'll tag Julie Shipp and Kim Stohl. Have fun!

Monday, August 13, 2007

To Answer the Question....I'm Not Very Bright

Alright, here's the deal...I was trying to erase my other blog. Instead I erased the one that I like and I've been really bitter about the whole thing so I shouldn't talk about it. Granted, I only had three posts up, but that was history, dangit. I leave for Wyoming/Idaho tonight with the kids for 8-9 days. I'm a little nervous to drive and take care of these kids at the same time, but hopefully Jackson will be kind to me (I won't even know Emma's there, she has always been fantastic). I'll probably post while I'm there. Jani, you were only able to get the pink skirt from MODBE. They said the blue were totally sold out. You're gonna love it, though!

Saturday, August 11, 2007