Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emma coming out of the slide. You'll have to biggie size the pic to see much. You can see Jackson playing in the fountain and the top of the slide above Jackson head in between the trees.

My birthday was this weekend and my husband never fails to impress me with the effort he puts into my special day. Unfortunately, I only have this one picture because my camera ran out of batteries as soon as I took it. We went the parents of some friends of ours that have been so good to us. We went to Mammoth with them last year and stayed in their condo for the weekend and have gone to this house a couple times. I've decided I don't like being the friend with not a whole lot to offer in return. I wish we had a boat or something to take them out wakeboarding. Anyhow, we had so much fun with them and the kids always love to go swim in their pool and hot tub and go down the slide, which is surprisingly very fast. That backyard is beautiful and just fun to sit and feel like you're surrounded by a small paradise. They provided the kabobs and Jack made two apple pies and ice cream for dessert. I love how domestic Jack is. He put so much effort into these pies doing criss cross tops with his own cut outs of an apple to put on top. I agree that presentation is at least half the battle, but he is awesome!
After we left, he set up a date at argentinian restaurant and holy smokes! It was so good! Jack got this pasta called sorrentinos that was homemade potato-ravioli stuffed with ham, cheese, and asparagus and covered in a pink cream sauce with sauteed mushrooms mixed in. It was HEAVENLY!!! I haven't stopped thinking about it. Must have again. During dinner, I got the phone call my mom was back in the hospital (she went in on Thursday with appendicitis) with pneumonia. Poor mommy. I felt bad. I wish I was closer to help.
After dinner He took me shopping for some maternity clothes for these last two months. We're going to Chicago in a few weeks for an oral surgery conference (I get to see Lion King! YEAH!!!!) and he knows I wanted to feel cute with him on our hot weekend together so we got a couple new maternity things. So nice!
Anyway, I just wanted to document it and remember how he is so good to me! Especially on days when I'm being selfish and cranky and forget (not that I EVER get that way). He's so awesome! And his pies were killer good, too! I love you, Jack! Thanks for making my birthdays so special!