Monday, July 28, 2008

Re-Introducing Sadi Jade Morgan Hardy

As I said before, we blessed Sadi on the 20th of July in my parents home. This is the second child we have done a private blessing and I'm a fan. It it so much more personal and meaningful to me. This experience was especially awesome. The day that we hit the stove, I had the impression we needed to change Sadi's name a little. Thinking that was a little strange to do this late and never giving myself enough credit when receiving an impression, I just asked Jack what her thought about this new name and wondered what he thought about changing it. He said he didn't like it and thought we ought to keep it the same so I left it at that. The next day, just a few minutes before her blessing he came to me after I think probably preparing for this blessing and asked if he could talk to me. He had the same impression I had had the day before so we added to her name. She was Sadi Morgan and is now Sadi Jade Morgan Hardy. It is a lot of names, but I love it. Jade is the middle name of my little brother who is in the hospital. It was awesome to take her down to the hospital that night and tell him what and how it happened. I'm very grateful for a wonderful husband who listens to the spirit and honors his priesthood as he does. Because Brandt is one of my closest friends, it really means a lot to me. My parents have the pictures from Sadi's blessing on their camera so I'll have to post those later. She was so beautiful and the spirit was so strong at during her blessing.

a lot of commotion

I don't even know what to call this post. There will be no name, I suppose. Maybe by the end. A lot has happened so I'll just blurt these things out and then explain, for my own ease. Of course, Sadi was born, my brother shot himself, we hit a stove on the interstate, and spent three weeks away from home and are SO happy to be back home. First off, a HUGE thank you to my moms and my dad who came out when Sadi was born. Diana, my mom in law came out, and then my parents both came out. Two days before they planned to leave, we spent the day at the beach and then they watched our kids while we went to a work party to welcome the upcoming residents. While at the party, I received a frantic phone call from my mom that my little brother shot himself. We quickly left the party. It was a little crazy on the way home trying to find out what happened. I didn't know if he was dead or at the hospital or what. Fortunately, his attempt was only an attempt. I was angry at him for quite awhile because I thought how selfish it was of him. I won't go into detail because it isn't my business to share, but it took me some time to gain some empathy for him. I am to that now, though, fortunately, and I'm really anxious for him to realize how wonderful of a person he is. He's been my closest sibling the last several years and he's such a fun uncle and great person to be around. My parents changed their flight for the next morning and we soon after also left for Idaho to be with my family.
A few days later, we were driving to Idaho Falls for my cousin's wedding and to meet my friend, Angie, who I loved in Kentucky when a truck in front of us had a stove in the trailer fly out and land on the interstate and slammed into our vehicle. It was a few cars in front of us. Unfortunately, the way it happened was that the cars in front went to the right and left to dodge, but the slowed down to the point that when we saw what was coming and slammed on the brakes we had no where to go but straight into it. We were all totally safe. jack did vear to the left a bit so it hit off the right side and destructed into MANY pieces on the road. The damage done to our Odyssey was pretty minimal. The paint is very much gone on the right side of the bumper which was also on the ground, and there are a few dents across the right side. Fortunately, Jack worked at a body shop for four years as a teenager and was able to fix everything so now we just have to get a paint job. Anyway, when we got out and the other car that stopped on the right got out to make sure we were all okay. I got back into the car to call 911 and I was so surprised that I was totally in shock. I was shaking so hard I could hardly keep the phone to my ear and talk. I thought I had things under control, though, until Jack told me later that even when the cops got there ten minutes later, the officer pointed out to Jack that his wife was looking "really shook up." Jack said he was in shock a little bit, too, although his reaction throughout the rest of the day was actually quite funny. He'd start laughing out of no where and say "I can't believe I hit a stove." The crappy part is whoever dropped the stove did not stop and nobody caught his license plate number. So if we want it fixed we get to apy for it ourselves.
The next day was Sunday, the 20th, and we blessed our baby girl. A separate post will follow on that.
The bumber part of all this is that I left my camera in California. Jack had his, but it the memory is so small you can only get a handful of pics and we never went out to buy a bigger memory card. So I missed a couple of weeks of Sadi's first month. I'm retarded. She is obviously my third baby. She's growing up so big and fast, though, it makes me sad!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Having More Gratitude

When i started this blog, I just wanted to use it as a journal, but had a hard time COMPLETELY opening up the flood gates and letting myself onto my pages. I consider myself an open book who tries to be straight up with others and myself. But for some reason I have been timid about my thoughts in here because of fear of what others may or may not think and that has never been something I have really struggled with. Anyway, off the soapbox...I was reading the blog that Jani linked off of hers (I'm actually adding her blog to my links with her permission...Stephanie). I spent a couple hours sobbing last night as I read her blog and was absolutely inspired by her strength. When i was through (actually just taking a break to put the kids to bed) I was happy that Jackson was throwing his normal fit because he didn't want to brush his teeth. I hugged Emma a little harder and longer than I normally do and told her how much I loved and appreciated her. When Jackson wouldn't lie down and go to sleep and just wanted to keep kissing me and sing his favorite church songs (teach me to walk and the temple song) I was happy to do so because i was so grateful that he wanted me to stay by his side a little longer. She's been on my mind a lot today and I've said silent prayers for this little family and woman whom I've never met that lives in Las Vegas. I cannot tell say how many times I've reminded myself today that I'm so lucky to have my children who are arguing over who hit who first. Tonight was my second peaceful night in a row putting my kids to bed because i did so with a lot more patience than I once did.
I've also been enjoying getting up at night with my little girl. i've been so selfish in the amount of sleep that I want to get and have never been one with my first two children who liked that night time together. I love my sleep. But I've enjoyed waking up and looking into the eyes of this perfect daughter who just recently left Heavenly Father and watching her eyes light up when I begin to talk to her. She's so perfect. So perfect.

I've also been so in love with my wonderful husband lately. I always love my husband, but I'm so in love with him. He's wonderful. I love how he has taken the reins with the kids and allowed me to rest at any point in time. I love that our entire marriage he has called home from school or work at least once in the day to see how my day is going. He did this all through dental school and now through residency. Sometimes we really don't have a whole lot to say, but I love that I know he is thinking of me because he calls me. I love Jack. He is the perfect man for me. I feel like I went through my fair share of dating boys before I found the man i dreamed of. He kisses me, sleeping or not, every morning before he leaves for work. How grateful I am to have him for my best friend.

So this is a little post of gratitude for my family. I love being a growing family. our numbers are up to FIVE! Whoo-hoo! On the lighter side...this uterus of mine better keep on kicking cause I need to whip out a few more! I think they're pretty fabulous! :)

Sadi at 2 Weeks!

I can hardly believe it has been two weeks. It's flying by way too fast. This little girl is so fabulous. Of course, she sleeps a ton, but she has such a sweet disposition. Emma and Jackson are taking any and every opportunity to hold her and wake her up with their kisses. Jackson smashes her head kissing her so hard and is very offended when i pull him off and he wasn't finished. Emma is the perfect little mother and holds her while I shower. She is so fun to watch because she does everything with Sadi exactly like I do. But this is where that fabulous disposition comes in. She's so patient with the kids. I love this little gal. I feel like we have been so blessed as a family these last several weeks and I have very much felt the Lord's hand in our lives. I'm feeling so much gratitude to Him for my awesome little family.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sadi's baby statistics for my sake

Sadi is 13 days old today. I made it around to calling the doctor and getting her an appointment for this morning and she has gained 7 oz (7'11") and is 20 1/4 inches in length (she was 19 1/2 at birth). Her head is also just under 36 cm. But I don't know what is was at birth. I'll have to go through my papers. Does that mean I'm a bad mom or that this is my third time around? Sadi has been the perfect baby. There were a few nights that she had her days and nights mixed up, but for now we have that figured out. She's so sweet and we're still loving on her!