Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I really want to post. I really do.

My computer and phone situation is awful. I changed companies about two months ago and have only had issues since. When I get on the phone, I have about 2-3 minutes of talk time before I lose signal and the person on the other end of the line cannot hear me anymore. It really bites. As far as the internet, it's the same. The signal is lost every couple of minutes and may or may not come back on without completely turning off the computer and starting the entire system over. It is miserable. We've had two techs from the company over in the last three weeks to fix it with no change so we are giving it one more try before we drop the company. I just hate that I spent the installation fee of $80 just two months ago and will probably have to pay it again with another company. Since when did customer service become so crappy? Anyway, I want to download some videos so badly and cannot because that takes like 20 minutes and I've got two. I've already tried.
Anyway, so much has been going on. A week ago last Monday (18th), little Sadi FINALLY smiled for the first time and now she is all smiles. In fact, this morning I woke up to seeing her with a smile on her face and she was giggling in her sleep. I just laughed cause it was so cute. Then today she laughed at Jack twice. She's so sweet.
Jackson is an impressive challenge. I can't believe how hard he is sometimes. He can be about as sweet and loving as a person can be, but then you can watch this little thought go through his mind and watch out cause you're gonna get smacked for no reason. I don't get him. However, he has a mind of his own. I have not wanted to potty train him because I thought he was too young before Sadi was born and he would just regress, and now I don't want to because I've got a little baby and am just too lazy to take that one on. He has been telling me more and more that he wants to go potty on the toilet and I take him in there and what not, but haven't pushed anything. More and more though, that kid has just gone in and gone on his own. Tonight he brought in a pair of underwear (he calls them panties, dangit) and told me he wanted them on, but I was busy and said no (I'm so bad). But then I found him FOUR times going pee on his own. Yes, I am so proud. Yes, I would love to have no more man poop diapers. And yes, he is more than welcome to potty train himself. I had no intentions of doing so until I thought he would do it himself, more or less. Well, we may be here, I guess. What a good boy!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

just so ya know...

Emma had vanilla ice cream with sprinklers today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Checkups and Immune's

Emma and Sadi had to go to the doctor today. Sadi just a checkup, but Emma had to get shots. Oh the drama!

So for the record on Sadi....Length 22 1/4" 50th percentile, Weight (AT 7 WEEKS) 10 lbs 9.5 oz 50th percentile, and head circumference 38 1/2 cm 60th percentile.

A couple pics of the after-shots.

Emma had to get four shots and a TB test (prick). Because I hate the really LOUD screaming like an arm fell off, I made her a deal that if she could JUST cry and not scream, we'd go get a pedicure next week (how many moms make that kind of deal with their five year old). That is not the norm, but I knew she would so go for it. The whole visit I kept asking if she was nervous and she's say "no, I'm going to be brave," but when the nurse came in and said it was her turn, she was singing a different song. She cried, but said she wanted to watch them. And she did cry really loud, but it wasn't an overdramatic scream so that sufficed. How fortunate for us! I can't believe she is almost five! I have a five year old!