Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reason for Prior Post

Sorry it's sideways.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We got rid of cable and antenna two months ago because we realized our family was happier with no TV. I do still use movies as a crutch and my kids have to do their chores to earn a movie. Actually, today we bought Kung Fu Panda because it makes me giggle to watch Jackson get into character. I love that kid.
As far as TV goes....I only miss two shows: Chuck and WIPEOUT. They are on opposite times of the year so I have one tv show a week (which is big for me because I grew up with the TV on at least four hours a day) that I catch up on on the internet. I especially love to watch wipeout with Jack because he can't help but laugh until he cries when he sees people fall down. I spend most of my time laughing at him.
If you have not seen it, go to www.ABC.com and watch an episode. It might make you laugh until you pee your pants.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wyoming/Idaho Trip January 2009

January through April this year was a fantastic time. Jack was scheduled to be on a different rotation and was able to take some time off for us to head up north. We went to Green River first. We love to go there. We always feel like everyone makes a special effort to come hang out with us whether they want to or not. Not to brag, but I have some of those stinkin awesome in-laws, too. It's so fun thinking we're almost to where we will be done with this whole schooling section of life and move a little closer to family. Being away for eight years helps me gain some appreciation of family.

Last October, Jack bought me my first gun (a .20 gauge....is that how I would type that?). So we brought our guns up to practice shooting. Jack purchased a thrower that at first we were a little retarded and couldn't get the clay pigeons in the air, but a kind person took pity on us between laughing at us and helped. So my first time with my gun I hit four! Not that that is incredible, but I think I only did under ten shots. I was pretty happy with myself.

I had fun watching my little ones learn how to shoot. Emma and Jackson were both so timid, at first, as they should be. But Jack does a really good job with them.

Cute Boy.

My man.

Grandma Diana.


just a cute little baby

Emsa, again.

Sadi and Grandpa

Then we went to Pocatello. I've got a pretty great family who is so good at taking care of every one who walks through their door. Even though my mom works like crazy, she always takes the time off to see her grandkids. She's such a good grandma. My dad seems to be doing so much better, too. He sure has been through death and back and he's not done yet, but he's not dead, either, so we like to think that's a big bonus for us!

We took Emma skiing for the first time. I should say Jack took Emma and me skiing for the first time. I've been twice before, but I've never had instruction and because I broke bones both times, I don't think those should count. Emma didn't walk away loving it, but she talks about it and says she wants to go back. When we live in the snow and she's on the mountain every week, I think she'll be forced to love it. I, on the other hand, did enoy myself, although I did take quite a few crashes (PS we stayed on the bunny hill the whole time) (I just want ya'll to realize how woosy I've become) and I took a girl out that was mad at me for it. Jack said she was just as terrible a skier as I was and ran into me as much as I did her, so I didn't feel so bad after that.

I think she's seven months here. She's always been the best baby.

Can you tell we think we're from California? Honestly! Can you put some shoes on please.

I just think he's cute.

She's cute too.

I'm sure this is terrible form, but I'm proud of this picture. Makes me feel like a gal from Wyoming and I have to fit the part.

Christmas 2008

Maybe it's because it is June that I'm not that excited to post about our Christmas six months ago. However, it was a fantastic Christmas and I'll happily put up pics. It does make me excited for Christmas again, though. I'm putting the tree up earlier every year cause I can't help myself. So the day after Halloween it is out of the garage. Hurray! Here's some pics!

They both got Leapsters, which were cool for quite awhile, but those games are so expensive and I'm cheap (sometimes, this is one of those times).

The kids both got bikes, which have been a blast. I can't believe how big Emma is. Hers has 20" tires. And Jackson zooms so great on his. I've been wanting Jack to get him without training wheels this sumer because he can totally do it. That kid is so coordinated.

The big gift was our dog. Like I said, his name is Jed. Jack won't claim tha he named him because he doesn't like the name, but he did say it and the dog answered to it so it stuck. I'm not a dog person, but I have to admit he is a really good dog. He hasn't had all that many accidents in the house, but I just want to beat him when he does. I can say he's slowly growing on me. He's so good with the kids...let's them carry him all over the place even though he totally doesn't like it, he rarely barks, which I understand is not normal for a chihuahua, I never need a leash (although I carry one just in case) because he always walks right by my side and stays when I tell him and comes running when I call for him. Maybe this is all normal dog stuff, but I'd never know. All in all, I'm pretty okay with him.

I've really been feeling such a push lately (as in the past 6 years, but maybe more recently the last few months) to work on being a MUCH better mommy. There have been those nights when I have gone to bed wondering if my kids could forgive me for the way I talked to them (or yelled, I guess). But because they are wonderful, they always do forgive and come jump into my bed every morning to cuddle up with me with these fantastic smiles and energy to start the day.

This post is specifically for my little Emma. She is the most fantastic example of a person I have ever known. Each day I am so impressed with the person she is becoming. Two specific examples:

1. a couple of weeks ago I was getting really frustrated with the lack of cleanliness that my children were exhibiting in their room. after much encouraging which turned into threatening and frustration, I yelled at them both that they were locked in until it was spotless. After a few minutes to calm down I peeked my head in to find Emma missing. Jackson said she was in the bathroom (they have one off their room) so I opened the door only to run into my little girl kneeling on a rug saying a prayer. She came bounding out with this new attitude ready to halp out and be an encouraging example to her little brother. I was humbled.

2. A similar situation, but yesterday. Emma and Jackson have never seen any Star Wars and the GREATLY desired to. Emma takes great pride in being the only one willing to play with the boys at school of course playing the part of Princess Leia. And Jackson is often seen carrying his sword around the house completely in character singing his own theme music to Darth Vader. So we made a to do list and then they could watch the movie. Their list included their room, the playroom, getting dressed and ready for the day, and Emma had to practice her violin. Pretty hefty list, considering what both rooms looked like. After getting frustrated and running to her room, I peeked in on Emma to see if she was still mad and saw that all of her stuff was kicked up and Jackson's was almost clean too.
"Em's you didn't have to clean Jackson's stuff, too"
"I know, Mom, I just wanted to help my little brother."
She makes me feel happy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been chastised by friends and strangers alike for not blogging in forever. (I know you're there Diantha!) Yes we are alive (I like to imagine I'm saying that in an Eddie Murphy dragon from Mulan-type voice). We have been so busy the past little while. A few days ago I actually wrote down all of the stuff I had to blog about from the last 4-6 months just to get it in here and blog later one by one...but I lost the list. I'm still going to name what I can remember and go through one by one over the next week or so (although I make no guarantees).

Just list with more to come:

-Christmas (we got a dog) Chihuahua named Jed

-trip to Idaho/Wyoming

-Emma's first ski trip

-camping beautiful, relaxing, fun. Emma broke her arm

-car wrecked and we got double what we were going to sell it for

-Stayed at cabin in Sequoia National Forest with some friends

-Jackson turned three

-MIL, FIL, SIL, and nephew came to visit

-my dad brought two nephews down to visit for a week

-Mom came down to visit for a week

-Went to Six Flags and took Emaa on X2. It made me cry because I was so worried about her. Long story.

-Jack lost keys

-I lost other keys. These two will go together, I'm sure

-Swim season started

-We're going to a Dodger's game tonight (I'm sure I'll want to post that one)

-Heading to Idaho and will go to my 11 yr reunion (kind of dropped the ball on the 10 yr). Taking the kids and bringing my niece back to stay for a week

-probably ought to update on my kids cause they're so dang cute, they ought to be remembered.

That's a decent list for now. I'll have to see what I can do.