Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Just have to say that she is so cute. That's all.
So My birthday was a week and a half ago. I turned the BIG 30. I told Jack that I wanted this new camera for my big day and was kind of disappointed when I came across some information two days before that told me that was not what I was getting. The thing that I always fail to remember is that I have married one of the most thoughtful men in the world. My birthday was awesome. So here's the story.
The day before my birthday my husband calls
"Jami, I have a huge favor to ask. Put the kids in the car and meet me at the Mill. Oh and bring your makeup."
So when I pull up to the Mill (where our friends live) he gets in my car and tells me to hop in his truck and everything I need to know is in there.
The ipod is in there waiting for me to push play with a bunch of roses on the seat and some gum for fresh breath! So he gives me some loving words and guidance from the ipod and directs me to pick up Lilian. I love that girl. He said I deserved a night out! So I got Lil and she had more roses with a note that said I got to go have Indian food and a fabulous restaurant. Lilian is my Latina clone. She loves indian food, too, so we stuffed ourselves silly when we got there. But our server pulls out more roses and a note and sends us to Burke Williams Spa for the day. We each got to be pampered with saunas and steam rooms and jacuzzis and fruit and drinks and of course, a delightful massage. When Lil and I walked out of the massage and met in the lounge, she started laughing and how relaxed I looked. It was hard to get more roses and leave that place. Next time, I'm bringing a book and staying and entire day. But he sent us to get a mani/pedi next. From the nail place he sent me to buy a new outfit at ANTHROPOLOGY (but I couldn't make myself do it. It was so expensive! So I have to take that gift card back. He said that was fine so i hope I'm not being mean. Of course the most caring words are "we can't afford it" so he just needs to remember I love him!) At the store, I was given my last set of rose with a note to come home to my loving family who decorated the entire house for me with crepe paper and balloons and made me a fabulous carrot cake and and Thai waiting for me for dinner. And to top off one of the best days of relaxation I have EVER had, my kids gave me my last gift...the camera that I wanted.
Jack, you are wonderful. This whole day made me feel so blessed that I had a husband willing to go through all the time and effort that you did to put that whole day together. Thank you for being a wonderful husband, father to three, and best friend to me. I love you!
Emma and Jackson are both in kindergarten and preschool and Sadi just fell asleep. Do I honestly have two hours to myself right now? This is crazy! My first instinct is to take a nap cause honestly, how often does that happen (other than the fact that I took one yesterday)? I'm not sure where to start. I feel like I need to reintroduce us, it has been so long. This past year of our lives has been fantastic. Our little family is growing up. I've put up lots of random pics so I'll start with this one.

Jackson is the funny one in our family. He makes us laugh harder than anyone else can and he can make me cry by the sweet expressions of love he is so willing to give. We had a brush with death this past summer and we almost lost him so I am forever grateful to have been given a second chance with him. Jackson just started preschool. He is so tenderhearted. I told him that I missed him when he was away and of course he said he would stay home with me. I love that little boy. he loves books, and he loves being outdoors, and he loved music and dancing (especially any Troy Bolton song from HSM). Although he hasn't seen the movie in a good eight months, he loves to listen to Getcha head in the Game and put on his game face and dance.
Emma has just started kindgarten. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel this immense gratitude that I have her. She is so impressive in the strength of her spirit and her goodness. She is the best second mom to Sadi. Yesterday I was getting after her because she wasn't coming when I had called for her and when I walked in she was lying on the floor laughing her head off because Sadi was at her head pulling her hair and smacking her face and Emma was dying laughing. She is so fun. It's easy to cut Emma lots of slack when she does have some sort of outburst because she is the perfect child at all other times. She is so excited to be in school everyday, although it is still a half day program (I'm still not ready to give her up all day). She is doing fantastic at violin. It is fun watching her excel and enjoy plaing a musical instrument because she comes from two parents who love music. It's so powerful and I love that she has an appreciation from it early on.

And who couldn't love a face like this? Honestly, can a baby be any better than her? Sadi is ALWAYS happy. (minus the few days her four molars were coming in at once). She has this fabulously fun personality. She is a sponge and loves to take in and do all her older siblings do. It's awesome to sit back and watch her play and want to be apart of all the games and activities now. At almost every dinner we have we play the "I am thinking of someone who..." game and she loves to raise her hand and get any attention possible. I wish I could just video tape her life like the Truman show so I could smile and share the personality with everyone. Maybe I am appreciating this more the third time around and am confident enough I can just enjoy her. Maybe, though, she is just so easy that I can't help myself.

I had to take this pic with Emma's shoes on, the buzz light year watch and headlamp. What mother wouldn't take this pic if she walked in on it?

At Emma's birthday party.

I just think she's pretty. I think she was decorating for my birthday when Jack took this.

Just a cute baby.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Baby Turned Six Today!

Of course I put these up here backwards. So let's go down the line of what's up. For Emma's birthday she asked me for a collection of My Little Ponies. When asked how many collection was she replied "like seven or something." Ponies are around $7 a piece. And I have a hard time dropping full price for toys because I'm a mean mommy. So I went shopping on ebay. I love that site. Emma actually already had three ponies and I knew my mom was getting her one so I was looking for a barn or house. Well, there was this castle that I had no idea from the picture how big it was, but it also came with a little over 30 ponies. Too many, I know, but talk about a collection! I got it for a little over $50. What a deal!

After this gift was opened, all the kids went directly to play time. Would NOT stop to eat cake and ice cream.

These were like number 7-8. She never got tired of opening these things.

Even though it's a terrible quality pic, I just thought she looked pretty.

Her cake that was made by her dad. I started it, but being a crafty woman is not a part of my genetic makeup. He quickly took over and did a good job.

However, to redeem myself, in a slight way, I have learned how to make pretty bows so I'm showcasing them here. All the thanks to Monica walking me step by step countless times cause I just couldn't quite get it. What a patient woman.

The cake. Looks pretty good, I think. He really carved it and rounded the edges and all without any pattern. I think it's awesome.

Is it not so crazy that I became a mother six years ago today? How is it possible that time has flown so fast? Without giving much credit to myself, I must say that Emma has turned out to be quite a remarkable person. She is truly good. She forgives instantly, cries for others who are hurting, invites any and everyone to play with her and become her friend, she works so hard on things that she struggles with until they become easier for her to do (something that I am NOT good at), is very aware of people around her and how comments affect others.
She has been my comfort MANY times. I admit, I have let my daughter see me cry from being sad on occasion. I don't even remember why. But she laid my head on her lap and rubbed my hair. It was so thoughtful and sweet and more mature than a 5-6 year old needs to be. But she has been one of my best friends and I appreciate her sweetness and honesty more than she'll know until she has children who are hopefully as good to her as she is to me.
Emma, you have a mom who adores you, loves you, and prays for you each day. Thanks for being such a light and pillar of strength in this family. Love, Mom