Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three more weeks!

You may be tired of seeing pics of my belly, but they're not for you, dangit. And only two more after this! YEAH!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three more days. Just three. Then I want to sleep for three days. This will not be the most uplifting post, I am sure. I'm just tired. Truth is, my kids have been fantastic the past week while Jack has been out of town. Hardly any fighting, and really sweet and good to me, but we are all feeling the emptiness of not having dad around for this long. How do service men and women do this? Or just women who are married to traveling salesmen? Heavenly Father must really have known my limits when he hooked me up with my love because I don't function well alone.
I began contracting on Sunday night (at random, no regularities) and got the runs and had them up until I went to the doctor this morning and of course they hooked me up to the monitor and the whole time I was there I had nothing. Of course. I've had nothing since either. Not that I'm complaining. I actually got teary on my way to the doctor recognizing I'd be pretty scared doing the C-Section on my own. So I am grateful I'm not progressing, but it's just funny to me that all it takes to stop contractions is to hook yourself up to a machine. It was a very fun preview for me. I don't get the belly bands around me since I am a c-sectioner, but I have had them and it's so fun to hear his heartbeat. I got for a whole 30 minutes today. So cute. And Sadi was patient and adorable as could be sitting with me that long. She's a good girl.
We did get her results back and no fractures or anything. All is well. Phew! And I think I mentioned a couple months back how she potty trained herself. Through the night and everything. It is so impressive to me. Emma was 4 1/2 before she woke up to pee and Jackson still hasn't conquered that one. He's actually funny cause he's such a deep sleeper. We'll get him up to pee before we go to bed and stand him up at the toilet and he still has not let anything go cause he's totally asleep the whole time. I try to splash water on his hands and face to wake him up. I told him that we were trying really hard to get him to wake up and he told me to punch him. He promised he would not be mad at me if i hit him to wake him up. Funny boy.

I just think this is a cute pic.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Us at the Lion King in Chicago two weeks ago.

One day down, only seven to go! Jack left this morning at 6:30 so it felt like just a normal day of him going to work. We all hugged, said goodbye daddy, but actually didn't wave as he drove away because the kids were starving and couldn't wait for food. During breakfast I got a little choked up and was trying to keep my emotions in check (I always cry when Jack has to leave. It doesn't happen very often). Anyhow, Emma looks up and asks why my face is turning red, and I lose it just a little bit. She's says "You're missing daddy, huh." So then Jackson hands me his pillow that is carried with him every morning and says he'll help me feel better and runs into the front room to bring me a pic of Jack and I when we were dating. Sadi joins in and asks every minute for the next fifteen "Mom, why are you sad?" to which I respond "cause I miss daddy." "Oh." is all she responds every time.

Good things came with today. I chose to let it be a TV day. Well, movie cause we don't have TV. Anyhow I let Jackson and Sadi watch the 1966 version of Batman cause they love it (thank you watch instant on Netflix) and I cleaned the entire house. It is clean HOORAY!!! Lilian came over for lunch because I made indian food last night....mmmmmmmmmmm....It is just so lovely. And we put the kids in front of another movie cause I had Premonition and she had never seen it. Then, when Emma got home, we went shopping and decided we were going to have a PJ party and watch a movie so they chose Felicity cause Emma is big into horses and the American girl books. She thinks she is going to ride her horse (that she doesn't have) to school everyday in Wyoming. She must have like a Little House on the Prairie type setting in her brain. Anyway, I kept Sadi from taking a nap today so she would go down early and forgot that I did that. So when the movie was done at 9:15, fifteen minutes short of two hours past bedtime, she and Jackson were a wreck and I paid the next 15 minutes for allowing them to stay up/ I couldn't help but just giggle the whole time they are bawling cause they were just so tired. Jackson kept telling me a rat bit his finger and it hurt. At one point during the movie, the rat bit his bumb and his leg hurt and he couldn't figure out why.

While Jack and I were in Chicago last week a rat drowned in our swimming pool. Ewwwww...grandma said she made them wait another day before they could swim. I knew we had rats in our garage. We know of 5 (FIVE!!!) (RATS!!! EWWWWW!!!!!!!) But how in the world did one fall in the pool and drown?

Anyhow, it's the weekend. I'm excited to go to bed cause I know my 7 yr old is gonna come in at 6 am and ask me to play family with her. I told her tonight it's my day off and we got a few chapter books on CD for her to read along with in the morning. Her reading improved DRAMATICALLY when we started doing that this summer and it's been fabulous for her!

I recognize I have really babbled this post. Just thought it would make all feel better if you knew that I knew.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four Weeks from today....

So I swear when I look at myself in a mirror, I am bigger than what the pictures say. But I'm not that big this time around which is unfortuntely and vainly enough, really good for how I'm feeling about myself. Isn't that horrible?

I had to take Sadi to get some X-rays tonight. A little over a month ago Emma was sitting in the front seat of our van and was pushing the button to lay the seat down not even thinking about Sadi being in the carseat behind her. Then out of nowhere Sadi starts screaming in pain and I realized the bar on the back of the front seat was crushing her legs. She cried a real cry for quite a while. She had a small bruise on both legs for a few days and limped around for a few days. When I took her to the doctor (I couldn't get in to the one I love) she told me she didn't think there was anything to worry about. I took Sadi back in on Tuesday. She doesn't limp anymore, but if she runs around for more than 30 minutes she does a little limp and is really guarding her leg. So today she got both femurs and hips looked at and she was so brave. They wouldn't let me in being pregnant which I thought was lame cause he's pretty much full term now...not a lot of harm could be done, I wouldn't think. But she was brave as can be. I should find out results this afternoon.

Jack leaves tomorrow for Louisiana for 8 days. It could be really LONG 8 days. I don't bend over so easily anymore and I'm tired enough that I really have to watch my patience level. The kids haven't watched a whole lot of TV since school started, but I imagine that will change a little this week and continue after the baby is born for a while. We'll see. I always feel like a loser mom if I know they've been glued to the tube that day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I actually have tons to post, but throwing up a pic is just the fastest. Less than five weeks to go. I'm ready to breathe again.