Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

I am sitting at home at 11:45 AM in dead silence. Jackson's first day of school is today; Emma's was last week. Sadi is down for her nap. I can't help but have this giddy feeling wondering if I will have this opportunity every once in a while this year. Last week before school started, I was so sad the two days before and just cried. Emma was so excited and I was really excited for her, I just feel like time is slipping by so quickly. I have run into mothers here and there who respond that they are so excited and READY for school to start. While I understand the anticipation of being back on a schedule, I already miss my little ones. I still can't figure out a lot of things on our computer. I'm way too used to a PC and it's almost been a year. So while I understand now how blogger works, the pictures came out of order and it's too much trouble to me to fix them. So in no particular order. The first day of school!

Okay, so Sadi is not going to school, but she's so cute and there is much to say. She turned two a couple of months ago and I still have blogged about that day (BAD mommy!) When Jackson was younger I said I would not potty train him until he potty trained himself because I get WAY too emotional and it is not good for my parenting. So a few months before Jackson turned three he began figuring it out and although there were still accidents, he did it on his own. I have (or had) no intentions of potty training Sadi before this baby came because I figured she would revert back to diapers when the baby was born and then I would probably wait six months until my sanity returned some so she'd be pretty close to three when we worked on it.
She quit wearing diapers a few weeks ago and put on little panties and has had two accidents (one in a pool #2. Not pleasant). She was never scared of pooping or peeing on the toilet, though, so we have been so impressed. I still put a diaper on her for bed, but she wakes up dry every morning (at 6) yelling to me that she needs to go potty. It is very impressive to both her dad and me.

We also moved her to a big girl bed two weeks ago that she shares with her older sister now. We tried it for the week before school started, but Sadi is such a talker that she wouldn't shut her trap and let her siblings sleep and they were starting to get angry so for now she falls asleep in the big bed alone while Emma and Jackson fall asleep in mom and dad's bed and we just move them when we hit the sack. I'm starting to get little man Hardy's room ready and I'm just getting so excited! I love, love, LOVE watching my stomach move and pushing in on it while he pushes back. While I hope this is not my last pregnancy, if it is, I am going to miss this so much. I love being a mom and having this connection with my babies.

So this is Emma at her desk the first day. She didn't even care to say good bye to me as I walked out the classroom door. She comes home everyday and tells me how many recesses she had that day INCLUDING P.F. (according to her. The rest of us know it as P.E.) I've heard about books they have been reading and that they work HARD all day and do so much math. Her teacher this year is a MR. so that is fun and his favorite subject is math, apparently. They're doing something new this year and are doing some split level classes. Emma was put in a 1st and 2nd grade split class. I'm a little apprehensive about it, but her reading has improved DRAMATICALLY this summer and I know she's up for the task. It's so fun to hear her read scriptures because she reads so smoothly and does so well on most words.

She got this skirt and two others from a friend who has to wear uniforms and Emma loves them and this was the outfit she chose for the first day of school. today she totally looks like she should be at a dress code school. She's so cute!

Jackson is going to a new preschool this year and I am very excited about it! While I agree that preschool should be more about social stuff and not a whole lot of academic, i do think there should be some academic (my personal opinion). Otherwise I'm just putting him into daycare. Anyhow, he got into the school that I wanted with his best friend from church and they got the teacher that I wanted who I understand is FANTASTIC! My friend Shannon put all of her kids (her fourth is also in this class) through this teacher and said they come out knowing how to write their name, address, phone #, and know all the ABC's by sight and sound, and the numbers 1-30. Sounds good to me. I did homework with Jackson and Emma throughout the summer and Jackson loved it, but he had a really hard time with the writing part. He got so much better by the end of the summer doing shapes, but letters mean nothing to him. He recognizes the letter A. I think that's it.

This is his classroom. True to his genes, like his sibling, there were no tears, just a "bye Mom!" and off to play. He did, however, make sure as we were getting out of the car in the parking lot to let me know that he would always be my son and I would always be his mom. Sweet boy.

He is such a handsome little sucker.

These kids have some intense strings attached to my heart. I feel like these moments right now are so precious. I get to pick Jackson up in 25 minutes and can't wait to see his little face light up. As a parent, if you have not seen this ad on parenting, go to www.lds.org and watch the video called PARENTING. It makes me tear up everytime.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And me in my glory today. I think 25-26-ish weeks. I'm not sure. It is almost noon and I took a bath and got back into my pjs. We got home from Idaho last night after being gone for two weeks.
Within a half hour of walking in the door last night I started to feel queasy and then the runs and puking began (I get it, too much information). However, that being said I was in the bathroom every 10-15 minutes like clockwork last night. Finally at 4 am, I took a bath and fell asleep in the tub until 4:30, got out and puked one last time and was finally able to go to bed until just before 7 am when the kids woke me up. Those are the hard times being a mom. When you're sick, haven't had much sleep, and you're expected to perform your motherly duties...and yet apparently I have enough energy to sit here and blog.
I was reading to Emma this morning and my little baby was just kicking like crazy. Emma has tried several times to feel this baby with no luck, but she felt him three times this morning while I was reading. It was so fun. I love that she gets to be such a bigger part of this as she gets older. It will be so fun!

These were from July 20th.

I figured I had better post a few prego pics for posterity's sake. I have actually done okay taking pics of myself this time around. These were from June 12, 2010. If I could remember right now how far along I am then I would do the math, but I don't remember is the truth. My due date is November 18th, but I like to take 10 days off of that since I will have the baby taken on November 8th. It makes me feel farther along and that is happy!