Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pic from about 20 seconds ago...
"Smith is poopy!" These are the words that I hear from Sadi about 45 minutes ago. With instruction to go get me a diaper and wipes, Smith heads over to the drawer where they're kept. When he comes to me I don't see a diaper on him at all.  Lots of four letter words begin flying at uncontrollable speeds through my head when I see chunks (and i mean CHUNKS) of poopies still hanging on his rear.  Where else ARE THEY?  Jackson runs downstairs and comes back up with the news:  "I think its in the basement.  I can't find it, but it stinks down there."
YEP. I, too, smelled it in the basement and found evidence in 20+ different places (carpet, toys, couches, bed, etc.) That may be a slight exaggeration.
So here we are.  I can imagine I am going to be finding more "evidence" over the next few days that i may have possibly missed.  I love this age.  I think absolutely EVERYTHING he does is so cute and perfect. I can imagine whatever it is that is smooshy in his backside must be explored.  I can see how it probably is really cool. Maybe if it didn't stink so bad and I didn't have the knowledge about what it is and where it came from, I too would think it was really cool. But i don't. At all.  But even that may not be entirely true.  Since my first baby didn't have the ability to poop on her own until she was six months old (after surgery), I have celebrated when each of my kids have had that natural talent.  It's a bigger deal than you'd think. And he most definitely does.  This is the second time this has happened in the past 24 hours....
PS  Emma got bangs this week.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Emma's Baptism

I don't feel old, but feel like I should feel old if I have a daughter who has been baptized.  When did she grow up?  She was baptized September 17, 2011 at Martin's Cove.  One of the many awesome things about Casper is we are so near pioneer historical sites and they allow ordinances to be performed.  AND they said I could take pictures up until the moment the ordinance was actually being done, which me me very happy!  So here are a few pics of beautiful Emma on her baptism day.
 She has such a beautiful dress that I looked long and hard for, thank you very much.
 Everyone tried pulling the handcarts, of course.
 Emma's cousin whom she GREATLY looks up to.  Jaden wanted to be apart of the whole thing so she came to the bathroom to help with all the getting ready.

Because we had so recently moved here and it took a little bit of travel to get to Martin's Cove, I didn't figure there would be too many people lining up to come watch and I wanted Emma to feel like she had friends and support.  So we took an extra car and filled it with a bunch of girls in her class.  It turned out so perfectly.

I was worried that morning (not as badly as everyone else) because the sky was REALLY overcast and sprinkling/pouring off and on.  I guess I figured it would be more of a pioneer experience if it was chilly and I thought that would be good for her, too.  However, about 10 minutes before her service the skies cleared up and the sun came out and made everyone very happy.  What a beautiful/memorable day for her and me.  I thought it couldn't have been more perfect.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kitchen is done.  Hallelujeh! When its totally done (and clean) I'll put up more.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!
So little Smiffers had his 2 month appointment last week. He is long and skinny. 10 lbs 15 oz, 23 inches long, and cute as a button.
This is one of those posts I started and never  finished.  I've got lots of those.

Today has been one of "those" days. Jack began the demolition of the kitchen last night so everything kitchen is out in the sunroom which will be my home for the next 4-5 weeks. Anyhow, I think I honestly just woke up cranky. Nothing bad happened. I volunteer every Tuesday at my kids classes and today neither teacher had a whole lot for me to do. It was probably a blessing in disguise. I went grocery shopping instead.
I have to laugh at myself. For the first time, I went to a store to purchase "freezer" meals. I was so embarrassed and I don't know why. I have never purchased a meal that you throw in the oven and its done an hour later and vwah-la! But with my kitchen a mess that's what I'm resorting too. Now in order to not offend in a PC world, I have to say "there's nothing wrong with freezer meals" and "I have a lot of friends which do the freezer meal thing on a regular basis" (which is true) but I have not! I've taken pride, obviously if I'm writing a post about it, that i make things from scratch and they taste great! However, going through the store i felt like I needed to explain myself to the checkout lady that my kitchen is being remodeled so I have to buy these things to make it easier. One, does she care? Two, who do I think I am? I'm assuming a lot of people go this route or there wouldn't be such a market for them. Anywho...I thought that was a tad prideful and funny of me that it was such a big moment for me. On to better things.
I lost my iphone. HELLO!!! It truly is sad to say that my life is on that thing! But it is and I was so scared that I lost it! I called and called and texted from Jacks phone to the person who had it to please call my husbands phone number, but I put a security code on it so you can't get to the phone book even if you do want to be honest. CRAP! I even had the 'find my iphone app" on it, but apparently set it up under jacks ID so when I went to look for it it told me my husband was on the interstate on his way home. how helpful. After stressing for five hours a man picked up the phone and said all was well.

Farewell kitchen.
Sadi turned three in June.  I just wanted to get it recorded.  Dora everything (she still loves Dora)

My fourth cake.  I'm totally a novice, but still so proud!
However, my niece totally couldn't tell who she was.  Apparently not as good as I thought!

Our surprised faces.

You can't see!

Her birthday present amongst a few other things.  I love her helmet!

Jack was thinking out loud last night how he hopes that we get to replay our lives when we die because he forgets so many of the cute things that our kids do that make him smile...somehow that led to "Jami, you should start blogging again." So I woke up this morning with the mild flu, meaning I need to puke but haven't yet, and since I am spending all my time in bed today I figured I might as well cause I've really wanted to, too. However, most of our pics are on our desktop so I've picked one to represent each kid. No particular order.

Since we left California Sadi has most definitely had the roughest adjustment.  She seemed out of sorts and sad for quite some time.  She still asks me several times a week if we can go see Kennedy (in Cali). However, she's made some friends and is in preschool and is now so excited to be in primary at church. She took up skiing a few weeks ago and LOVES it.  She laughs her head off the whole way down the mountain and Jack loves teaching her.    

This pic is from his Christmas program at school.  He was so excited for weeks and sang all of his songs at the top of his lungs and made me smile.  When we lived in California, we were really excited to move for Jackson's sake.  He does not do well in closed quarters.  He wanted freedom to go outside and explore and he is so much more content where he is now.  He is so happy!  We used to pretty consistently have knock down drag out fights and they are RARE now which is so great.  He is also taking ski lessons this winter and he loves it.  He's so dang coordinated and picks up on athletic activities so quick!  I absolutely love his kindergarten teacher.  I go in every Tuesday for an hour to volunteer and it is so fun to sit and watch that lady in action.  She is the best!   Jackson loves her and comes home and tells me secret stories that she made up (they're for reading sounds like th and sh) (nothing creepy) in class that are hilarious.

I could have chosen several pics of Em's and one I probably should have with her horse.  She began taking riding lessons in October and loved it so much and actually did really well.  However, after only two lessons she broke her arm at school AGAIN and I haven't put her back in.  Now that the craziness of holidays are over we'll work on that.   This was supposed to be one of her pictures on her baptism announcement that I never did and sent out.  I'm so bad at that! However,  she is such a pretty girl and I had to share.  She was baptized in September at Martin's Cove which was a very cool experience!  I'll TRY to post on that.  Such a good girl.  Hit her 4th year of violin and she is awesome!  I'll put some of that on here too. Oh and she is skiing, too, but not loving it (hopefully YET) as her siblings, but we'll see.  She likes it enough to keep going and that's good enough for me.  I love hard workers!

This man is so his mamma's boy!  He didn't crawl til 10 months and has still not taken up walking (going on 15 mo).  Wouldn't be so bad but I herniated a disc in my back and should not carry him, but what else can I do?  He is so talkative and loud and has to consistently be taken out of class at church because no one can hear over his comments. Guess he just loves the sound of his own voice (did that come from me or Jack? please don't answer that)  He is so sweet though and loves to pass out kisses to his family.

One recent funny story:  We had THE TALK with Emma in November and it was and has been great. She is so open which is just what I want, but thinks that she has a say now on what goes on behind closed doors between Jack and me. Anyway, last week we were having a discussion about Adam and Eve and the commandments they received in the Garden of Eden.  One was to multiply and replenish the earth...I explained what that meant.  Jackson responded with "Mom, do you think you'll have any more babies grow inside your tummy?"  My response is just "I hope so."  Emma's response "That would be so cool.  Then Mom, you and dad could do that special hug we talked about...Jackson you'll learn about it in a few years.  It is CRAZY!"

I died laughing.