Monday, July 19, 2010

I should start out by apologizing for my serious lack of pictures. I made my husband by me a $700 camera/camcorder because the movie picture is FANTASTIC! However, it's not that easy to use. I still don't get it. It supposedly has a great point and shoot, also, but mine only turn out blurry and I can't figure out why mine are so bad. And our Canon Rebel battery takes a handful (maybe 20 on a good day) pics before it dies so it's time to get a new battery for that one, too.

So I've just really been enjoying my summer with my kids. As I was driving to an appointment this morning, I heard a commercial on the radio that said something about getting those kids back in school cause enough summer already. I don't know...for some reason I don't like that those are the ads put out now. It's about how kids are pain to have around and just make everything harder and the smaller family, the better, and so on and so forth. I actually saw on TIME magazine today as I was standing in line at the grocery store that the front page was on how the myth of only child syndrome (spoiled, bossy, bratty) is only a myth and it actually has advantages I was just irritated by the whole thing. While I agree that it is a myth (I happen to think the kid is going to be bratty and spoiled and bossy if the parents teach and allow that me crazy) why are we having to point out that maybe one is the way to go? Then the world wouldn't be overly populated and parents would be able to afford more for their kid because there's more money to go around, and blah, blah, blah. I'm just babbling and I got MAJORLY off track of what I actually wanted to say and I recognize that, but I enjoy being a mom. So I turned the radio off and said out loud to my kids "I don't want you to go back to school. I like having you home with me." To which Emma replies that she, too, likes being home with me the best.
I love being a mom. It's the hardest, emotionally challenging, rewarding job in the world. I got go see a two day old baby yesterday cause my friend, Brooke, had her first boy after three girls. It was so fun to hold and kiss and love that little man. I was so excited leaving the hospital and thinking my due date couldn't come soon enough. I am SO EXCITED this time around. I think I have actually gotten more so with each pregnancy. Emma is crazy growing up. She is so tall that she is actually in a size 10 now and only almost 7 years old. She is such a mom at heart. She always talks about how she only wants to be a mom like me when she grows up. and she loved seeing that baby yesterday. She is trying so hard to feel my baby move, but his movements, although getting much stronger to me, are still just flutters to her and she doesn't recognize them for what they are. It will be so fun to welcome another man to our family. Jackson is excited to have even numbers. It's not fair that we have had more girls than boys for two years. He is sure growing up himself. His parents are, too. There are distinct differences between our girls and boy. Our girls are so dramatic and he's just tough. The problem is is that we are barely starting to recognize the taunting that he puts up with before he finally gives in and swats someone and then our girl(s) will start to cry and Jackson gets in trouble. Period. And he never tells his side of the story to stick up for himself. He just lets them tell on him and he takes a punishment. So now that we are paying more attention I have seen how impressive he is. He's working so hard to not hit and being very patient with a sister who is not working as hard to not taunt. He is a tough little stubborn sucker. I love that boy.
Sadi is still a delight. Although she most definitely hit two the past few months, it has mostly been fun and funny to watch her throw her fits and try to get a reaction. It's fun to just sit and watch and then say "are you done now?" and she'll just say yes and calm down and all is well again. It cracks me up. She follows those older siblings most loyally and does her best to climb and jump and say and laugh and sing and act just like they do. It's so fun watching these three when they are just playing so well and having fun together.
This past weekend we came across this horse at a yard sale for $5. Emma has a bit of an obsession with horses right now and this one was furry and soft and big and strong enough to hold her and the others. I told her I did NOT want it and I didn't want to buy it for her. So we made the deal that she would earn it. That was among the best $5 I've spent. I had almost 200 cans of canned goods in the back of the van and she was given a box and the assignment to take as many trips necessary and put them all away in the pantry (I use pantry VERY loosely. I use the shelves/cupboards in the bookshelf in the front room). That girl had to have taken 25 trips and it took her over an hour. I then told her she had to clean the playroom, which is also no small feat, and of course, make sure her room was clean before she earned this horse. I'm sure that was more work than $5 is worth, but I was trying to drive it home that we work for our toys and then take care of them. She did great and worked all day and I didn't have to remind her to keep working like normal. She wanted that horse so it was a day well spent.
I so off to bed. ALthough the next thing I'm going to say will make it sound like I have no reason to be, I AM!!! I spoiled myself today and got cleaning ladies to come over and scour my house!!! But I had to do the prep work like getting all the crap on the floor put away. Which is a three day job in itself. So I have folded and put away A LOT of laundry the past few days and the ladies cleaned today and my house smells and looks lovely!!! Yeah for me! Anywho, off to bed!

Friday, July 9, 2010


or at least a day to post about. TWO THINGS. First, is that my cousin was doing my hair this morning and found my first gray hair. I did pull it out and and put it on a piece of paper with tape to keep, although I have no idea where I am going to put it. It's pretty important to keep it, though, right? TWO, and more importantly, Sadi was running around tonight without a diaper and told me she had to pee so we put her on the potty and she let it go! We were so proud! I love when they potty train themselves although I'm not counting on this one time meaning that she is potty training herself.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I found out a while ago that I'm having a boy! Just haven't posted it yet!