Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm so excited for Christmas this year. My family is still young enough that I'm trying to establish more of our own traditions to add to what we have. Emma and Jackson are definitely old enough to remember past Christmas(es), but we have a lot more to go, also. A lot of people celebrate Christmas Adam, which I had never heard of, so if anyone out there does celebrate that, give me ideas please, what do you do? We made last night our night to take out fresh loaves of bread I made yesterday to friends and then go see the lights and sing songs in the car. We did have a lot of fun. Emma woke up this morning and said she loved last night. And when we finished our drive last night Jackson said he wished we could see more. We are so looking forward to this afternoon. Jack gets off work early. Last year, we had a co resident of Jack's work come over Christmas Eve because he was on call and he's coming again this year. And Mike and Lilian are coming over tonight also. we're all going to open PJs and get in them before dinner and then tonight we're having our yummy meal. Then we plan to do the Nativity with the kids and sing songs, eat more, I'm sure, and pull out blankets and air mattresses and watch Miracle on 34th Street with popcorn and then sleep in the family room as a family until Santa comes and Emma wakes the whole family up. I'd love to hear others traditions. I never feel like it is enough that is different to make memories/traditions. We don't have family nearby, which has made it a little tricky because that's kind of what it's all about...two more Christmases! THEN we'll be by family!...unless I just jinxed us. However, we have LOVED our years away. I love that we have established waking up at our house and not Grandma's. We have done both, and I prefer my own. This year, on Christmas day, because we don't have family nearby to spend the day with, I set up a service project we are going to do, which I think is awesome! I'm so excited that my kids will get to serve on the Savior's Birthday...would He want anything else? That tradition, I hope, stays! Then we are having another lovely dinner with our other close friends, the Morgans. So now that I have said a little ditty, it's time to get to work and get my house prepared for a celebration. I hope the next two days for everyone are wonderful. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Have 2 computers that hate me. They always crash when I'm around. It's true. And now they're both dead...or at least mostly dead. I told husband I no longer wanted to have this heavy weight of computer bickering weighing on my conscience. I needed a new Jami-friendly computer. We bit the bullet and bought a loverly IMAC. I like it so far. This is me playing with buttons. When I realized it was video recording I just thought it was cool. I believe this setting is the bulge.

It's the end of the day and I'm tired. I fell asleep putting my kids to sleep and awoke to realize I just want to go to bed. I washed my face and brushed my teeth then thought I could post a hello to anyone who possibly reads this. Who knows? I should have turned to screen so I had Merry Christmas in the background. I made a new wreath this week that is AWESOME! I made one last year that is fine, but it was my first. Actually I should say that it is my only because my talented friend Monica showed up and tweaked my first and made it look professional, so I learned my lesson and bought all the stuff and just let her make the second one. It's more beautiful than anything in a store. I did good on the stuff I bought at least. That, in itself, is getting more creative for me.I'm scared to make a new resolution to regularly blog. Well, the way I see it is it IS regular (in intervals), kind of how I wondered if I could rationalize that one when asked about scripture reading. I'm going to go from here since I more or less missed a year in the blogging/journaling world. So hola! I'm makin' a comeback.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Just have to say that she is so cute. That's all.
So My birthday was a week and a half ago. I turned the BIG 30. I told Jack that I wanted this new camera for my big day and was kind of disappointed when I came across some information two days before that told me that was not what I was getting. The thing that I always fail to remember is that I have married one of the most thoughtful men in the world. My birthday was awesome. So here's the story.
The day before my birthday my husband calls
"Jami, I have a huge favor to ask. Put the kids in the car and meet me at the Mill. Oh and bring your makeup."
So when I pull up to the Mill (where our friends live) he gets in my car and tells me to hop in his truck and everything I need to know is in there.
The ipod is in there waiting for me to push play with a bunch of roses on the seat and some gum for fresh breath! So he gives me some loving words and guidance from the ipod and directs me to pick up Lilian. I love that girl. He said I deserved a night out! So I got Lil and she had more roses with a note that said I got to go have Indian food and a fabulous restaurant. Lilian is my Latina clone. She loves indian food, too, so we stuffed ourselves silly when we got there. But our server pulls out more roses and a note and sends us to Burke Williams Spa for the day. We each got to be pampered with saunas and steam rooms and jacuzzis and fruit and drinks and of course, a delightful massage. When Lil and I walked out of the massage and met in the lounge, she started laughing and how relaxed I looked. It was hard to get more roses and leave that place. Next time, I'm bringing a book and staying and entire day. But he sent us to get a mani/pedi next. From the nail place he sent me to buy a new outfit at ANTHROPOLOGY (but I couldn't make myself do it. It was so expensive! So I have to take that gift card back. He said that was fine so i hope I'm not being mean. Of course the most caring words are "we can't afford it" so he just needs to remember I love him!) At the store, I was given my last set of rose with a note to come home to my loving family who decorated the entire house for me with crepe paper and balloons and made me a fabulous carrot cake and and Thai waiting for me for dinner. And to top off one of the best days of relaxation I have EVER had, my kids gave me my last gift...the camera that I wanted.
Jack, you are wonderful. This whole day made me feel so blessed that I had a husband willing to go through all the time and effort that you did to put that whole day together. Thank you for being a wonderful husband, father to three, and best friend to me. I love you!
Emma and Jackson are both in kindergarten and preschool and Sadi just fell asleep. Do I honestly have two hours to myself right now? This is crazy! My first instinct is to take a nap cause honestly, how often does that happen (other than the fact that I took one yesterday)? I'm not sure where to start. I feel like I need to reintroduce us, it has been so long. This past year of our lives has been fantastic. Our little family is growing up. I've put up lots of random pics so I'll start with this one.

Jackson is the funny one in our family. He makes us laugh harder than anyone else can and he can make me cry by the sweet expressions of love he is so willing to give. We had a brush with death this past summer and we almost lost him so I am forever grateful to have been given a second chance with him. Jackson just started preschool. He is so tenderhearted. I told him that I missed him when he was away and of course he said he would stay home with me. I love that little boy. he loves books, and he loves being outdoors, and he loved music and dancing (especially any Troy Bolton song from HSM). Although he hasn't seen the movie in a good eight months, he loves to listen to Getcha head in the Game and put on his game face and dance.
Emma has just started kindgarten. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel this immense gratitude that I have her. She is so impressive in the strength of her spirit and her goodness. She is the best second mom to Sadi. Yesterday I was getting after her because she wasn't coming when I had called for her and when I walked in she was lying on the floor laughing her head off because Sadi was at her head pulling her hair and smacking her face and Emma was dying laughing. She is so fun. It's easy to cut Emma lots of slack when she does have some sort of outburst because she is the perfect child at all other times. She is so excited to be in school everyday, although it is still a half day program (I'm still not ready to give her up all day). She is doing fantastic at violin. It is fun watching her excel and enjoy plaing a musical instrument because she comes from two parents who love music. It's so powerful and I love that she has an appreciation from it early on.

And who couldn't love a face like this? Honestly, can a baby be any better than her? Sadi is ALWAYS happy. (minus the few days her four molars were coming in at once). She has this fabulously fun personality. She is a sponge and loves to take in and do all her older siblings do. It's awesome to sit back and watch her play and want to be apart of all the games and activities now. At almost every dinner we have we play the "I am thinking of someone who..." game and she loves to raise her hand and get any attention possible. I wish I could just video tape her life like the Truman show so I could smile and share the personality with everyone. Maybe I am appreciating this more the third time around and am confident enough I can just enjoy her. Maybe, though, she is just so easy that I can't help myself.

I had to take this pic with Emma's shoes on, the buzz light year watch and headlamp. What mother wouldn't take this pic if she walked in on it?

At Emma's birthday party.

I just think she's pretty. I think she was decorating for my birthday when Jack took this.

Just a cute baby.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Baby Turned Six Today!

Of course I put these up here backwards. So let's go down the line of what's up. For Emma's birthday she asked me for a collection of My Little Ponies. When asked how many collection was she replied "like seven or something." Ponies are around $7 a piece. And I have a hard time dropping full price for toys because I'm a mean mommy. So I went shopping on ebay. I love that site. Emma actually already had three ponies and I knew my mom was getting her one so I was looking for a barn or house. Well, there was this castle that I had no idea from the picture how big it was, but it also came with a little over 30 ponies. Too many, I know, but talk about a collection! I got it for a little over $50. What a deal!

After this gift was opened, all the kids went directly to play time. Would NOT stop to eat cake and ice cream.

These were like number 7-8. She never got tired of opening these things.

Even though it's a terrible quality pic, I just thought she looked pretty.

Her cake that was made by her dad. I started it, but being a crafty woman is not a part of my genetic makeup. He quickly took over and did a good job.

However, to redeem myself, in a slight way, I have learned how to make pretty bows so I'm showcasing them here. All the thanks to Monica walking me step by step countless times cause I just couldn't quite get it. What a patient woman.

The cake. Looks pretty good, I think. He really carved it and rounded the edges and all without any pattern. I think it's awesome.

Is it not so crazy that I became a mother six years ago today? How is it possible that time has flown so fast? Without giving much credit to myself, I must say that Emma has turned out to be quite a remarkable person. She is truly good. She forgives instantly, cries for others who are hurting, invites any and everyone to play with her and become her friend, she works so hard on things that she struggles with until they become easier for her to do (something that I am NOT good at), is very aware of people around her and how comments affect others.
She has been my comfort MANY times. I admit, I have let my daughter see me cry from being sad on occasion. I don't even remember why. But she laid my head on her lap and rubbed my hair. It was so thoughtful and sweet and more mature than a 5-6 year old needs to be. But she has been one of my best friends and I appreciate her sweetness and honesty more than she'll know until she has children who are hopefully as good to her as she is to me.
Emma, you have a mom who adores you, loves you, and prays for you each day. Thanks for being such a light and pillar of strength in this family. Love, Mom

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reason for Prior Post

Sorry it's sideways.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We got rid of cable and antenna two months ago because we realized our family was happier with no TV. I do still use movies as a crutch and my kids have to do their chores to earn a movie. Actually, today we bought Kung Fu Panda because it makes me giggle to watch Jackson get into character. I love that kid.
As far as TV goes....I only miss two shows: Chuck and WIPEOUT. They are on opposite times of the year so I have one tv show a week (which is big for me because I grew up with the TV on at least four hours a day) that I catch up on on the internet. I especially love to watch wipeout with Jack because he can't help but laugh until he cries when he sees people fall down. I spend most of my time laughing at him.
If you have not seen it, go to and watch an episode. It might make you laugh until you pee your pants.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wyoming/Idaho Trip January 2009

January through April this year was a fantastic time. Jack was scheduled to be on a different rotation and was able to take some time off for us to head up north. We went to Green River first. We love to go there. We always feel like everyone makes a special effort to come hang out with us whether they want to or not. Not to brag, but I have some of those stinkin awesome in-laws, too. It's so fun thinking we're almost to where we will be done with this whole schooling section of life and move a little closer to family. Being away for eight years helps me gain some appreciation of family.

Last October, Jack bought me my first gun (a .20 that how I would type that?). So we brought our guns up to practice shooting. Jack purchased a thrower that at first we were a little retarded and couldn't get the clay pigeons in the air, but a kind person took pity on us between laughing at us and helped. So my first time with my gun I hit four! Not that that is incredible, but I think I only did under ten shots. I was pretty happy with myself.

I had fun watching my little ones learn how to shoot. Emma and Jackson were both so timid, at first, as they should be. But Jack does a really good job with them.

Cute Boy.

My man.

Grandma Diana.


just a cute little baby

Emsa, again.

Sadi and Grandpa

Then we went to Pocatello. I've got a pretty great family who is so good at taking care of every one who walks through their door. Even though my mom works like crazy, she always takes the time off to see her grandkids. She's such a good grandma. My dad seems to be doing so much better, too. He sure has been through death and back and he's not done yet, but he's not dead, either, so we like to think that's a big bonus for us!

We took Emma skiing for the first time. I should say Jack took Emma and me skiing for the first time. I've been twice before, but I've never had instruction and because I broke bones both times, I don't think those should count. Emma didn't walk away loving it, but she talks about it and says she wants to go back. When we live in the snow and she's on the mountain every week, I think she'll be forced to love it. I, on the other hand, did enoy myself, although I did take quite a few crashes (PS we stayed on the bunny hill the whole time) (I just want ya'll to realize how woosy I've become) and I took a girl out that was mad at me for it. Jack said she was just as terrible a skier as I was and ran into me as much as I did her, so I didn't feel so bad after that.

I think she's seven months here. She's always been the best baby.

Can you tell we think we're from California? Honestly! Can you put some shoes on please.

I just think he's cute.

She's cute too.

I'm sure this is terrible form, but I'm proud of this picture. Makes me feel like a gal from Wyoming and I have to fit the part.

Christmas 2008

Maybe it's because it is June that I'm not that excited to post about our Christmas six months ago. However, it was a fantastic Christmas and I'll happily put up pics. It does make me excited for Christmas again, though. I'm putting the tree up earlier every year cause I can't help myself. So the day after Halloween it is out of the garage. Hurray! Here's some pics!

They both got Leapsters, which were cool for quite awhile, but those games are so expensive and I'm cheap (sometimes, this is one of those times).

The kids both got bikes, which have been a blast. I can't believe how big Emma is. Hers has 20" tires. And Jackson zooms so great on his. I've been wanting Jack to get him without training wheels this sumer because he can totally do it. That kid is so coordinated.

The big gift was our dog. Like I said, his name is Jed. Jack won't claim tha he named him because he doesn't like the name, but he did say it and the dog answered to it so it stuck. I'm not a dog person, but I have to admit he is a really good dog. He hasn't had all that many accidents in the house, but I just want to beat him when he does. I can say he's slowly growing on me. He's so good with the kids...let's them carry him all over the place even though he totally doesn't like it, he rarely barks, which I understand is not normal for a chihuahua, I never need a leash (although I carry one just in case) because he always walks right by my side and stays when I tell him and comes running when I call for him. Maybe this is all normal dog stuff, but I'd never know. All in all, I'm pretty okay with him.

I've really been feeling such a push lately (as in the past 6 years, but maybe more recently the last few months) to work on being a MUCH better mommy. There have been those nights when I have gone to bed wondering if my kids could forgive me for the way I talked to them (or yelled, I guess). But because they are wonderful, they always do forgive and come jump into my bed every morning to cuddle up with me with these fantastic smiles and energy to start the day.

This post is specifically for my little Emma. She is the most fantastic example of a person I have ever known. Each day I am so impressed with the person she is becoming. Two specific examples:

1. a couple of weeks ago I was getting really frustrated with the lack of cleanliness that my children were exhibiting in their room. after much encouraging which turned into threatening and frustration, I yelled at them both that they were locked in until it was spotless. After a few minutes to calm down I peeked my head in to find Emma missing. Jackson said she was in the bathroom (they have one off their room) so I opened the door only to run into my little girl kneeling on a rug saying a prayer. She came bounding out with this new attitude ready to halp out and be an encouraging example to her little brother. I was humbled.

2. A similar situation, but yesterday. Emma and Jackson have never seen any Star Wars and the GREATLY desired to. Emma takes great pride in being the only one willing to play with the boys at school of course playing the part of Princess Leia. And Jackson is often seen carrying his sword around the house completely in character singing his own theme music to Darth Vader. So we made a to do list and then they could watch the movie. Their list included their room, the playroom, getting dressed and ready for the day, and Emma had to practice her violin. Pretty hefty list, considering what both rooms looked like. After getting frustrated and running to her room, I peeked in on Emma to see if she was still mad and saw that all of her stuff was kicked up and Jackson's was almost clean too.
"Em's you didn't have to clean Jackson's stuff, too"
"I know, Mom, I just wanted to help my little brother."
She makes me feel happy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been chastised by friends and strangers alike for not blogging in forever. (I know you're there Diantha!) Yes we are alive (I like to imagine I'm saying that in an Eddie Murphy dragon from Mulan-type voice). We have been so busy the past little while. A few days ago I actually wrote down all of the stuff I had to blog about from the last 4-6 months just to get it in here and blog later one by one...but I lost the list. I'm still going to name what I can remember and go through one by one over the next week or so (although I make no guarantees).

Just list with more to come:

-Christmas (we got a dog) Chihuahua named Jed

-trip to Idaho/Wyoming

-Emma's first ski trip

-camping beautiful, relaxing, fun. Emma broke her arm

-car wrecked and we got double what we were going to sell it for

-Stayed at cabin in Sequoia National Forest with some friends

-Jackson turned three

-MIL, FIL, SIL, and nephew came to visit

-my dad brought two nephews down to visit for a week

-Mom came down to visit for a week

-Went to Six Flags and took Emaa on X2. It made me cry because I was so worried about her. Long story.

-Jack lost keys

-I lost other keys. These two will go together, I'm sure

-Swim season started

-We're going to a Dodger's game tonight (I'm sure I'll want to post that one)

-Heading to Idaho and will go to my 11 yr reunion (kind of dropped the ball on the 10 yr). Taking the kids and bringing my niece back to stay for a week

-probably ought to update on my kids cause they're so dang cute, they ought to be remembered.

That's a decent list for now. I'll have to see what I can do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twinkle Graduation

It has been a little over a year since Emma started violin. The first level is the Twinkle level and there are almost 70 skills she had to learn to do in order to pass and play her first song. We are so excited for her and proud of her. She did a fantastic job and loves to perform. Now we get to learn one to two songs a month. It will be very exciting to hear some new stuff!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

twinkle graduation

Things I Don't Want to Forget

I know I haven't posted forever, and it's lame this will be so short. I want to remember some of the sweet personalities running around my house right now.

1. Every morning when Jackson first sees Sadi, he gets this huge smile and says "Sadi Lou Lee" It is is own personal nickname for her. I will have to record it because his voice is so sweet. He then proceeds to climb into her crib with her and hug and kiss until she REALLY wants her mom.

2. Emma's personal favorite right now has everything to do with eating in bed. If she wakes up before me of Jack, she gets out two trays and pours cold cereal and milk into a bowl and gets drinks and fruit or a piece of bread, in that order. The cereal is always SO soggy when we wake up to eat, but how can you turn down that sweet little face? She is so kind and thoughtful and the best little girl. Every once in while she will ask me if I'll make breakfast in bed for her and it makes her month! As soon as I say yes, she climbs back in to bed and sits patiently until her food arrives (and I don't mess around...pancakes, bacon, eggs. So she's there a while.

3. If every baby in this world were as good as Sadi, I'm convinced that every woman would have 15 kids. She is so easy and sweet. Tonight one of my young women asked me what Sadi was like when she threw a fit, and I have no idea. She never has...she's just awesome. On January 23rd she got her first bottom tooth and 7 days later got the second bottom. Then March 18th got one of her top and then four days later popped through an incisor. She's going to have a crooked smile for a while. It will be funny to see her sweet smile. Sadi loves being in her walker and following me around the house all day long. She literally is at my feet wherever I go and just yells for me when she gets stuck in a hallway or can't turn around. She adores being o eof the big kids and being in the middle of reading books or playing a game or sitting on the grass outside while we play kickball.

I have felt so grateful lately for the strength of the love and bond that I feel for each of my kids. I've had a rough month or two with patience and enjoying the everyday drama that my kids present to me. Things are getting better and I'm enjoying my change of attitude. I've got dang awesome kids, that's all.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This makes me giggle. Hope you enjoy.