Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This weekend we were outside eating dinner when Jackson began the potty dance around the table (poopy potty dance, not pee-pee). We told him to run in and hurry before there was an accident so he ran in and ran back out "Mom! Dad! there's a lizard in the bathroom!" I didn't believe him, but followed Jack in and honestly thought when I saw them looking into the toilet that he pooped something the shape of a lizard. That little sucker was thrilled sitting in someone's urine and did not move. How did he get in there? I thought he was dead so I poked him and then had to figure out how to fish him out. I didn't scream once. I was so proud! I released him into the wild (my front yard bushes) and texted pictures to my family and some of my young women. Don't you think that story needed to be shared?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does anyone have much experience with dogs? I can honestly say after 1 1/2 years of having one that I am NOT a dog kind of a gal. I should also say that more than not a dog, I am not a cat person. Our dog is a very obedient dog. He's terrified of me. He totally knows I do not like him. If I even walk in a room his tail goes between his legs and he goes to a different room. Apparently I've told him to leave a couple of times.
So we have a back door, a front door, and a side door, which is what we use the most. Outside of that door is that diaper garbage can. There is a get between the side door and the backyard. So in the mornings when my kids want to go outside and the back door is still chained up, they go out the side door and gate to get to the back. The gate gets left open and our dog inevitably goes and gets a diaper and chews through til he gets the poop and EATS IT ALL!!! I am horrified and dying because of course my kids let him lick them and I am DONE!!! Do I have any options here? I am not changing the diaper garbage. I'd rather pitch the dog. Is this normal? If it is...I'm just reiterating I am NOT a dog person!
PS he also throws up from eating the crap so I get to clean that up too. Is anyone else becoming nauseated reading this like I am writing it?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

these are so just ramblings...might not want to read. really.

Jack and Emma left for a recital at a nursing home. Jackson is not feeling up to snuff and has a small fever and fell asleep outside in the swing, and Sadi fell asleep in the car an hour ago. it's just me.
I'm starting to show. A little earlier than usual, but I am getting excited. Not so much for the maternity clothes as much as for the little baby who will come to us. I waited all day Wednesday (well to like 2:00) to get a call or text from my friend, Jani, and as soon as I heard my text sound on my phone go off, I knew she must be here! It's so fun having that feeling that someone just had a baby. Those are the happiest moments. I'm on number four and the truth is is that while I recognize there is a lot of work involved, four just doesn't seem like that many. Either I must be a little off in the head since I was one of six or I am totally Mormon or both! :) I love my little family.
A couple of times a year, Jack and I get to dress up and go to these posh restaurants where the medical equipment reps pay for this evening out. LAst night was one of those nights because it was graduation. First, it is SO AWESOME that we are officially one year away from our own graduation. Two, while I have been to some incredible restaurants the past three years, last night was not one of them. Which really is such a bummer because I was looking forward to fantastic food for several weeks prior. I had even gone to the website to stare down their menu and decide exactly everything I was going to get from drinks to appetizers to desserts. I don't mess around. But the guys in charge of this dinner thought it would be a good idea to schedule from 8-11 instead of 5-8. I didn't even get my entree until 9:30 pm. And stuffing myself silly at night just doesn't make me feel good, nor does it taste good. That had to be a factor. I don't know, though. It really just wasn't good. However, on the appetizer, there was some fried ahi that I did like and that is a BIG deal for me because I do NOT like seafood. Oooohhhh!
I have actually become friends with one of the reps wife and Jack really gets along with this specific rep, too, so it's fun to meet up with her twice a year. If we lived closer, i am sure we would be friends. She is just great. Talking to her was one of my highlights of the night.
Another thing...when I am pregnant I have terrible dreams. A few weeks ago I dreamed that for some reason my dog was sick and I thought that putting him in the microwave would fix him and I remember panicking and stopping the microwave early because his feet were melting and he was in SO MUCH PAIN!!! In my pshycho dream I felt awful! So much that I still felt awful when I woke up and relived the memory. Last night I had another. Not physically horrible, but I was distraught when I woke up. Jack and I weren't married yet, but I thought were serious and getting ready to be engaged. We went to his family reunion and while there he tells me he is going to take a few girls out on dates while we are there. Of course it hurt, but what can you do? So he got home from his first date and I asked how it was. It was alright. He kissed her. that was no big deal, apparently. I asked if he planned on kissing al the girls that he took out and when he said yes, I told him that maybe we should wait to kiss until he decided if he wanted to stay with me or not. That was no big deal to him. okay. (I know I could totally spare the details, but so traumatic for me. really.) In the end, the girl that he took on the first date was also at this family reunion so I felt like I had this competition with this girl in my dreams for my man and I did not wake up happy. I went on a search for Jack and told him he needed to hug me. I then went and made him turkey sausages, a homemade breakfast croissant sandwich, and a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries. He got lots of big hugs and kisses, too. I told him I felt like I had to make him happy cause I was competing with a girl in my dream. Of course he thought this treatment was great. So apparently, I need to treat my man more like a king. He treats me pretty darn good so I could step it up a notch.
Weird post, I know. Sorry if you think I'm crazy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What do you think of my hair? Lilian three barreled it for me. i like it.

I have a mothers day part 2. Jack came home from work early to send me to the spa with my friend, Lilian. It was so relaxing and so fun and I savored the 4+ hours I was there. Because I am pregnant I cannot use the Jacuzzi so they gave me a milk bath instead with cucumbers and washcloths for my eyes and fresh fruit to snack on while I bathed. It was AWESOME!!! I always wondered if I would be a girl who loved to be spoiled if i ever had the chance, but I can say yes. Most definitely. Without a doubt. It is so rejuvenating and happy. Thank you, Jack. I needed that!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I've got a great husband and great kids. I didn't know I was capable of sleeping in anymore. I naturally wake up at 6:30 (which IS sleeping in for some...my husband). But this morning I didn't wake up until almost 8:00. It did feel good, other than my back hurting from sciatica (already. blah!) and an almost two year old snuggling me so hard I was on the edge of the bed. But I got breakfast in bed. A veggie omelette, toast, and seven chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmmm... It was delightful.

After my breakfast I was led into the bathroom where a lovely bubble bath had been drawn with candles all lit and I got to enjoy myself while my dear husband got my three children ready for church. AND we were only ten minutes late for church, which I didn't think was too bad since I got to relax and be spoiled while he got everyone else ready. it made for a lovely morning. Thank you Jack, for making it a lovely day. i know how much hard work it is. I love you.

I just had to throw this picture in because this dog is so patient with my kids who dress him up and drag him everywhere and little Sadi carries him around by his neck out of pure love, but he just endures VERY patiently.