Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I'm on a plane right now. My sister had a baby a few weeks ago and Jack encouraged me to take little Smith and go out for a visit. I'm really excited to see her and her family, but it is always so hard saying goodbye to mine. I love them. I just thought I'd put a cute pic of the baby sleeping in the seat next to me. He's being so good. However, I am not so smart. As soon as I got on the plane and settled in I looked down and he had a MAJOR blowout. Of course I didn't bring an extra outfit. So smart. Fortunately, he had on an outer jacket. So I did my best to clean the inside of his pants and put the jacket on. The onesie is pretty thrashed. I imagine its not too salvageable. Anyway, I just wanted my family to know I love them and let them have a little note from their mom and wife to read today.
Emma, Jackson, Sadi, and Jack, I love you so much. Be good for your dad and take care of each other. Love, Mom

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I can't believe how big and old my family is getting. Have you looked at those pics of Emma? She looks so old. Such a good girl. Jackson is so handsome, too, and being outside in his cowboy boots really puts him in his element. I can't wait for him to have some more freedoms when we move in a few months...only five left, by the way! YEAH!!! Little miss Sadi is always so fun. I'm pretty sure she's got to be the easiest two year old around. She has so much personality. She is so sweet and funny and she LOVES to tease. Little twirp thinks she's absolutely hilarious (which she is). She cracks me up. And Smith has finally started smiling and is cooing a lot more. Pardon the pink in the pic with him. We left his blanket in the car and Emma gave up her sweatshirt.
There's this beautiful canyon 3-4 miles away from where we live that it's a little over three mile hike to the waterfall at the top. We've taken the kids to the top once? I think. Maybe twice. You have to cross a good sized stream like 7 times and I'm usually pregnant when we attempt this for some reason. I was 7 1/2 months with Sadi the first time. Anyhow, there's plenty to see not doing the hike, too, which is what we chose to do yesterday. My kids call it the "rock park" because when we go at any other time of year there is no water. But it has rained SO MUCH over the last few weeks that we've got a decent stream. They had a blast wading in the water and "hiking" like an eighth of a mile up a trail for our picnic...a few oranges, famous amos cookies, and a nature's valley granola bar that we got to share (only the finest for the hardy family). We love going out as a family and we're always SO much happier when we do these kinds of outings. I so need to remember that.

Just one more for a while. This has never gotten old to me. But I do love to watch people fall down...especially when I'm watching with Jack. We apparently really like to laugh at people. You should ask him about the time the old lady fell down at Disneyland next time you see him. It's not as mean as it sounds, but really? She was an old lady!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have this one horrible, major, terrible, awful, wonderful problem..............I'm a foodie. I love it. I can't help myself. The spices, the freshness, the sweetness, mmmmmmmm. I was so happy after Smith was born because I instantly lost 22 pounds. Good night nurse I should be jumping for joy! But crappety crap crapper. I've still got 15-20 to go. But how can I cut back? Huh? Tonight, my father is in town visiting, and he mentioned something about indian food. Navajo tacos (he called them indian tacos). While I understood what he was saying, all I heard was indian food and seriously? Can you really expect my mind to be able to focus on ANYTHING after that? I had to have it. So a quick phone call, a 35 minute drive, and some hungry excited kids later I had myself some chicken tikka masala, aloo gobi, garlic naan, and water :) and I was in HEAVEN. Ate three helpings, I did. AND when Jack got home everyone decided it had been a half hour so it was time for more. All. of. us. I loved watching all of my kids get all giddy going back for seconds. SO...what can a poor girl do? Go for fourthsies. It was my only option. But the best part...there is enough to do it all again for dinner tomorrow. Thank you New Delhi Palace Cuisine of India. I love you more than you know.
Really. I do.

PS We had family pics taken last weekend and here are a few of them. Some turned out really cute. It was hard to limit myself.