Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twinkle Graduation

It has been a little over a year since Emma started violin. The first level is the Twinkle level and there are almost 70 skills she had to learn to do in order to pass and play her first song. We are so excited for her and proud of her. She did a fantastic job and loves to perform. Now we get to learn one to two songs a month. It will be very exciting to hear some new stuff!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

twinkle graduation

Things I Don't Want to Forget

I know I haven't posted forever, and it's lame this will be so short. I want to remember some of the sweet personalities running around my house right now.

1. Every morning when Jackson first sees Sadi, he gets this huge smile and says "Sadi Lou Lee" It is is own personal nickname for her. I will have to record it because his voice is so sweet. He then proceeds to climb into her crib with her and hug and kiss until she REALLY wants her mom.

2. Emma's personal favorite right now has everything to do with eating in bed. If she wakes up before me of Jack, she gets out two trays and pours cold cereal and milk into a bowl and gets drinks and fruit or a piece of bread, in that order. The cereal is always SO soggy when we wake up to eat, but how can you turn down that sweet little face? She is so kind and thoughtful and the best little girl. Every once in while she will ask me if I'll make breakfast in bed for her and it makes her month! As soon as I say yes, she climbs back in to bed and sits patiently until her food arrives (and I don't mess around...pancakes, bacon, eggs. So she's there a while.

3. If every baby in this world were as good as Sadi, I'm convinced that every woman would have 15 kids. She is so easy and sweet. Tonight one of my young women asked me what Sadi was like when she threw a fit, and I have no idea. She never has...she's just awesome. On January 23rd she got her first bottom tooth and 7 days later got the second bottom. Then March 18th got one of her top and then four days later popped through an incisor. She's going to have a crooked smile for a while. It will be funny to see her sweet smile. Sadi loves being in her walker and following me around the house all day long. She literally is at my feet wherever I go and just yells for me when she gets stuck in a hallway or can't turn around. She adores being o eof the big kids and being in the middle of reading books or playing a game or sitting on the grass outside while we play kickball.

I have felt so grateful lately for the strength of the love and bond that I feel for each of my kids. I've had a rough month or two with patience and enjoying the everyday drama that my kids present to me. Things are getting better and I'm enjoying my change of attitude. I've got dang awesome kids, that's all.