Sunday, February 14, 2016

Such great weekend!

Jack and I had the opportunity to go with a group of friends to Jackson Hole for Valentine's weekend for skiing and snowmobiling. We had SO much fun! Rode into Granite Hot Springs for a swim then rode back down. We also witnessed an avalanche which was super loud and cool to watch. We were grateful to be far away when it happened!

I put the pics in random order. We skied Teton Village on Saturday. My legs were jello and I'm not even good enough to do a whole lot. I even fell trying to get off the lift TWICE. Really hurt my pride.
 Coming down a part of the mountain that was really challenging for me. I hate feeling terrible at something and I was definitely the slowest in the group we were with! Jack was awesome and stayed fairly close to me the entire time since he knew I was nervous. That was very appreciated.

 This was right before snowmobiling on Friday. Kim is such an amazing friend. I'm so grateful for her!
 Granite falls behind us.
 Relaxing right before heading back down.
 The whole group. Luke and Kim, Jeanne and Barry Jones, Josh and Kim Longhurst, Joy and Dave Gallup, Jim and Lynn Fletcher, Jason and Jennifer Paris, Shane and Shannon Copelan, and us.
 Joy was mooning me on purpose. Therefore, I have no qualms posting her bumb here!
Kim and I waiting for the boys to come back from their ride.

It was the perfect amount of time with fantastic friends and great food. We came home to a clean house (thanks to Melissa) and happy kids that we missed terribly in the 2 1/2 days we were gone! Will do again!!!

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